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troi just threatened someone with grippy socks to get her to confess to espionage 😬

and now b'elanna wants to do some eugenics on her baby, and nobody thinks to mention the whole war fought centuries ago over that being very not okay. voyager really doesn't think things out as well as other series does it

nvm how she seems to have been completely oblivious to the fact that she'd have a part-klingon baby, like she and tom had been trying without ever having considered that very obvious genetic fact

can you use a bathroom in a holodeck? what happens to the waste?

I feel like the finale of voyager was a mediocre end to a mediocre series πŸ˜•

halfway through the first episode of enterprise and there's a scene of a human man and vulcan woman oiling each other up that is so gratuitous that even the characters can't believe they have to do it

enterprise's theme song is painfully bad, but there's a doggo on board, so on balance,,

phlox reminds me of weyoun. even if it weren't for the unnaturally blue eyes and the weird ears, his creepily saccharine manner is quite similar. the funny part is, weyoun's actor is also in this episode, but the character seems less like weyoun than phlox does

for once, this is not the closed captioning being awful. sato just used the wrong word in denobulan

my favorite thing about enterprise so far is that there's a little (very little, but a little) less magic around translation

I am entirely not buying that the super logical vulcans put a military target under a monastery and were then surprised and outraged when there was a military strike against it. like that's such basic warfare stuff that even I know it πŸ˜’

I swear, with each new show vulcans become less logical and emotionless, and more pompous and supremacist

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that some actors show up in multiple roles in a decades-long franchise with lots of face-obscuring costuming, but it still surprises me every time

Enterprise NX-01's computer interfaces we're probably meant to look futuristic in 2001, but in 2021 they just look like dated industrial software you'd find on shodan

take a shot every time someone in a scifi show says "I'll explain later"

the HIV episode of enterprise is decent, if a little heavy-handed. I like the implication that vulcans go from abhorring the standin for queerness to it being seen as universal in just the one century (not even a generation) between enterprise and tos

I believe it. I mean, it's only been 20 years since the episode aired, and when's the last time you actually met a cishet

I'm finding that enterprise references the movies (especially first contact) more than other series, so I'm going back to watch the movies now

my progress so far:

βœ… TOS
βœ… TNG
βœ… DS9
βœ… VOY
⏯️ ENT
⏯️ DIS
⏯️ LD
▢️ TMP

they are trying so hard to show off how much higher the special effects budget is than in tos, but it hasn't exactly aged well

also the uniforms are painfully bland. what's even going on here, different shades of beige and gray for each specialty?

wild that vulcans found ways suppress almost all of their emotions but never figured out how to stop pon farr. I'm sure it's more complicated than just rubbing one out but like

Star Trek V: Attack and Dethrone God

phaser-based wine opener, call it captain cork

headcanon that this isn't a coincidental phrasing. he's snarkily comparing them to the media franchise that they are all in. given that the starships enterprise are named after the shuttle enterprise which is named after ncc-1701, it isn't *that* unreasonable

zephram cochrane can't πŸ–– I love it

I only just now realized that I skipped TVH without realizing, because for some reason it's the only original crew film hulu doesn't have, and paramount plus doesn't have it either. I assume some arcane copyright issue πŸ™„

the old west episode of enterprise hits a little weird. bunch of southern-sounding white folk getting all killy about their ancestors having been stolen from their homeworld and enslaved. guess some important bits of those ancestors' own history got forgotten at some point

their ancestors were taken in the 1860s. so idk maybe they were from a union-aligned border area, some of them vets who had just finished killing a whole bunch of slavers, and weren't inclined to show much mercy in a second round. fair enough, I suppose

still, it's the kind of playing around episode that works better in a holodeck, where the frequent allegorical tone of the franchise can be easily set aside in the interest of fun (cf kasidy yates talking with sisko about the vegas heist as "how it should have been")

a few episodes later, they're in 2004, and tpol's concern with humans still using fossil fuels is that we're running out of them. like bestie we got more pressing issues

"humans don't throw morality out the window when things start getting a little rough" says the captain who made and then killed a clone for parts, and has been torturing captives for information the entire season

like sure he's probably under the influence of whatever Goo he got squirted with earlier in the episode but nobody's gonna at least call him on that?


wait, they're doing a mutiny? for something that has never happened in the history of starfleet, it seems to happen a lot

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I didn't get what all the enterprise hate was about after the first two seasons. after the third I am entirely on board with it

the use of real footage from the madison square garden nazi rally in enterprise's alternate history wwii episode is a nice touch

hopefully this foreshadows another tone shift, from the third season's very post-9/11 "any means necessary to stop Them" attitude to a more critical message

I'm very curious what the basis for this map was. was this from an actual german strategy, or did they just make it up? is it a realistic idea of what would and could be taken first? and what's going on in canada?

seeing brent spiner playing another character on enterprise reminded me I hadn't finished the movies. and I am not okay with the ending of nemesis. I'm hoping B-4 humming was a hint it wasn't a permadeath, but still 😒

it bothers me how inconsistent enterprise is about what the xindi weapon hit. panama city, fl is in the panhandle, and it's also said to have destroyed parts of venezuela. but it was shown cutting a straight line south from orlando, nowhere near Panama city and tracking more toward toward colombia

ofc the real unbelievable part is that Florida will exist at all in 140 years

why do most vulcans (that we see) have pink skin if their blood is green? shouldn't they have pale green skin?

why is nobody calling out that the baby that's supposedly evidence of the alien corruption of human ~purity~ is literally a clone made by the people using it as a prop. like not even within the human supremacist organization. a hologram would've been easier for the same validity

this entire person was created I think purely as a plot device to get tpol and trip on mars so the villain can monologue at them?

memory alpha says she was going to live if enterprise had gotten a fifth season. cancel culture strikes again

and with a last-minute holodeck episode, I've reached the end of enterprise. I enjoyed Shran, Hoshi, and Phlox.

apparently the reboot movies are important to picard? I did see the 2009 one in the theater (technically my first trek) but I remember little of it, and unfortunately it seems to have disappeared from paramount plus

Picard's Picard doesn't feel like Picard

maybe it's just the overall dreariness of picard compared to all the rest of trek. it's weird, because it's like 80% callbacks so far, but none of the tone or style is at all similar

finished the first season of Picard, and 😭

but also, that was the only scene in the whole season I felt anything at, and the rest was just kinda dull. maybe Picard needs to grow a goatee for season 2

it took 6 months, but I've now watched all of the star trek that was out when I started (besides TAS)

I restarted lower decks from the beginning so I could get all the references, and I forgot how much I love this show. also tendi

@else out of curiousity: how many more episodes/movies came out since you started and you now need to catch up to? πŸ€”

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