alternate universe starfleet pseudo-uniform system in which the color scheme and rank pips, and the skin areas covered, are the only actual rules besides practicality. because that's more fitting to the federation ideals of diversity anyway

sci-fi is all about taking a set of rules and seeing what they end up creating, so really dress codes are a very sci-fi thing to explore

in some ways, the federation is (on paper, at least) about diversity maximalism, not interfering with cultures. so they should have a dress code that is as permissive as practical. what are the actual goals of having a uniform, and what can one wear within those goals?


should a dress code that requires long sleeves and long pants also require a long tail covering? does it depend on whether the tail is prehensile?

Surely if it requires that the armpits be covered, it would require that the base of the tail be covered.

@glowingskull but does the end of the tail need to be covered? I feel like the tail sleeve ending just before the end is wrong, but covering the end also feels wrong

Shirt sleeves end just before the end of the limb. Pant sleeves end just before the end of the limb. Why not so for tails? If the tip of the tail needs to be covered for some reason, put a glove or mitten or sock or shoe equivalent upon it.

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