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asking the ffs surgeon if I can get bajoran nose bumpies

a chain cuff earring may have arrived at my apartment today following an etsy-involved purchasing incident

I was not expecting them to go through with the sapphic kiss between Jadzia and her past host's wife's later host on screen but I am Here For It despite the kill your gays backdrop

terok nor's sister station, terok nand

I found out yesterday that quark is played by the same actor as principal snyder from buffy and now I can't unsee it. the wormhole is a hellmouth

klingons are boring. they bore me. I said what I said.

ds9's anniversary episode is great. so much nostalgia for that show I watched two months ago. I still want a plush tribble

I don't like klingon episodes, but I sure do like watching jadzia out-klinging klingons 🥺

chIch? sorry, chIch? sorry, chIch? sorry

I find it interesting that root beer seems to be considered a signature human drink, when a lot of current humans think it tastes foul and medicinal

every once in a while I catch myself wondering why characters on tv aren't wearing masks, even when the show predates the original sars trek

avery brooks is just an entirely different actor after the first couple seasons of ds9, huh? must be the goatee

fictional sa 

this episode has gone from crossdressing played for laughs to attempted rape played for laughs 🙃

prophets save me from 1900s portrayals of gender politics

did they just casually mention, 7 seasons in, that ds9 uses a 26 hour day?

fictional medical ableism 

experimental brain surgery to "fix" a person being nonverbal. this show sucks sometimes.

"they're used to my being quiet. it's easier [just not talking to them]" well that's relatable at least

star trek has so many truly heartwarming autism analogs and this episode feels like the antithesis of all of it

credit to obrien for calling bashir out on the creepiness of dating his patient. most insight into relationships he's ever shown

are there any women in cardassian military leadership? you know, she-guls?

the subtitles have decided that pagh is now spelled pah, which I guess is more like how people actually pronounce it, but still

if you're worshiping something called a wraith, pa(g)h or otherwise, that probably ought to be an "are we the baddies" moment. just saying

this holosuite program is set in 60s Vegas but the exit signs are lit green instead of red why do I notice these things like literally nothing could matter less

anyway this character is hiding away in fiction instead of going to pt or dealing with mental health problems and trauma so it's completely unrelatable to me definitely not anything I'd know about

I would like the name ezri even more than jadzia except I immediately associate it with arcgis

parallel universe punk ezri PARALLEL UNIVERSE PUNK EZRI 🥺🥺🥺🥺

what if we were in an alternate universe and we kissed and we were both girls 🥺👉👈

finished the last of ds9, so now hopefully this buggy streaming service will let me get back to voyager

it still won't play 03x04, which I think is what I was on, but 5 seems to be working. I guess I'll go back for that one episode later(er)

someone is explaining how the transporter is really completely safe actually, so I guess we're in for a transporter malfunction episode something something chekov's gun

just how many shuttles did voyager leave with? they lose one every other episode. are they able to replicate them somehow (despite rationing) or do they just have dozens of them

waiting ten minutes for the turbolift because some officer halted it to be dramatic in their argument again


Janeway is a CILF

Like to
ſerve under

why is chakotay with the american army in the wwii holodeck episode? shouldn't he swap with janeway so he's with, y'know, the maquis?

I'm getting better at suspending my disbelief for this franchise, but like. voyager crew designing and building an entire shuttle, capable of doing things that the existing shuttles can't, entirely on their own, from scratch, in a matter of days? with no test flights?

I know it's the show Making a Point, but this is way too much hand wringing around listening to a nazi doctor

like not all cardassians, sure, but a cardassian who was on bajor during the occupation? yeah probably a nazi, so maybe pick literally anyone else

idk, were people still on the fence about ass burger nazi doctors in '98? I thought there was consensus that they were evil longer ago than that but I was 7 so 🤷

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