injection issues 

somehow I'm out of estradiol, even though I should only be like halfway through the bottle, and I have no idea why. like, I know there's a margin of error when drawing, but it shouldn't be *that* bad. idk if I'm doing it wrong somehow or what

injection issues 

like, if I'm injecting 0.1mL weekly, from a 5mL bottle, that means 50 weeks, right? but it's been 25, and there's nothing left in the bottle. how could I possibly be getting the draws off that badly? am I supposed to like account for the volume of the needle or something? even then that shouldn't be *double*?

seriously on the edge of a meltdown about this because I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I don't know how to find out but if I don't by monday everything is going to get much worse very quickly

suggestions re - 

@else Can yo email the doc (or others) and ask for their recommendations on links to learn the right technique?

Or ask forums with a throwaway; Reddit would probably know.

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