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starfleet seems more like a navy than any other terrestrial force, so shouldn't the into be "space. the highest of seas."

given that a "planet" in star trek tends to be more like an island - an archipelago at most - with a singular biome and geology, it really is more apt

sf sf nerds, tell me what's missing from this skyline in 2372. what buildings have been built by now but demolished by then

just saying, there aren't any cars to be seen in this future, and doesn't it look nice?

"trans francisco" is a much better metro system name than "bart"

guys will really fly from san francisco to marseilles to meet someone who won't recognize them because they're from different timelines before seeing a therapist 😒

100% sure though that they put tom paris in marseille purely so they could have the "I need to see paris" gag. also idk why I thought marseille was like right next to paris?

instead of going to a therapist or medical and be honest about his experience, he went and did suspicious stuff and made everything hard. I feel like the real reason voyager doesn't have a ship's councilor is that having trusting honest communication breaks too many plot ideas

still have not watched enough star trek for my brain to change its default definition of "subspace"

is there any difference between the kazon and the klingons? like, other than the different forehead bumpies

tom paris is most of my high school classmates I hate him so much

I figured out who john de lancie's q reminds me of, and it's paul eddington's (prime) minister from yes (prime) minister

"captain, something's wrong. I'm getting strange internal sensor readings. it's the holodeck. it appears to be... filled in"

what part of the ship is the brig located in?

a nacelle

yes I know normally a brig has cells in it not the other way around but you see the quantum phase dynamic frequency plasma conduit modulation jeffries tube

with all these ferengi around it's more like creep space 9

I switched to ds9 cuz paramount plus has apparently forgotten there are episodes in the third and fourth seasons of voyager

the world needs more giant rolling gear doors

idk how to make an accessible giant gear door, though. like maybe the teeth on the floor retract? or the, uhhh there's probably a technical term but, gums,, move up

doctor bashir is lucky there's ferengi around so he isn't the biggest creep on the station

someone (not bashir) just shined a light in a corpse's eye to make sure it's dead, and I saw the pupil react. I can't tell if that's foreshadowing or just a detail that couldn't be noticed on a 90s tv

referring to a complete rebuild of a computer system from the ground up as a "root canal" is great tbh

did lwaxana troi and q ever get together? I feel like each would be the most unbearably infuriating person the other has ever met. from what I understand this is considered the ideal in straight relationships

kinda not feeling the sympathy for the labor camp file clerk getting murdered tbh. maybe not the best possible outcome but no tears from me 🤷

odo has said vociferously on multiple occasions that he doesn't like being called constable but people still do it and it Bothers me

"for one hundred and forty one divided by divided by divided by divided by divided by two years"

or maybe 14 and a half. who knows.

chief obrien is a dick you cannot change my mind

there's an episode they address the accessibility of the giant geer doors in, and the answer is "idk we can slap some steep ramps in I guess" but hey it's the first sci-fi anything I've seen that even acknowledges wheelchair accessibility at all so yay I guess?

miles and keiko obrien are the classic tv couple of a mean bitter clod of a man and a lovely kind beautiful woman

"Paradise" (DS9 2x15) is a predictable slog, just like super obvious from the beginning that it's gonna be a primitivist cult, but I have Thoughts about the final scene, especially the final shot


i joke, as if I haven't been live posting my reactions all day every day for months 😅

this next episode is called "shadowplay". I have not heard of this kink, but I am intrigued

someone really needs to teach starfleet about two factor authentication

and whose idea was it to leave all these cardassian computers in place on the station. what makes them think there aren't backdoors everywhere? not to mention the systems integration problems they keep running into. they have replicators it can't be that hard to make replacements

I know it's been said but... the DS9 episodes set in a hooverville revolt in 2024 hit... very close to home

to avoid confusion with their stellar counterparts, a cardassian naval captain is referred to as a sea gul


Nerys is a really nice name and if I were transitioning now I would 100% consider taking it

not that I couldn't change my name yet again now, but effort

dukat/kira nerys, enemies to lovers, sexual content

I want to look like nerys, and I actually look like jadzia, but I feel like I look like quark 😖

asking the ffs surgeon if I can get bajoran nose bumpies

a chain cuff earring may have arrived at my apartment today following an etsy-involved purchasing incident

I was not expecting them to go through with the sapphic kiss between Jadzia and her past host's wife's later host on screen but I am Here For It despite the kill your gays backdrop

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