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they really killed off yar and not wesley? wtf

apparently tv stops being a thing in the 2040s. if they mean broadcast instead of streaming,, they're not wrong

a kid is conceived, born, grows up a bit, and dies, all within one episode, and that's still a deeper and more interesting character than wesley

wish I could learn multiple sign languages in a few minutes like Data. maybe I'll be stable enough someday to at least go back to classes and learn just the one, the old fashioned way

🎶 geordie and data in the moooorning 🎶

pff what I'm not crying at the episode putting Data on trial to see if he's a person you're crying shut up

picard reciting shakespeare to pull one over on a ferengi lol this show is great

the separable saucer section seems to be an awful lot of engineering and potential problems for something they use like twice

I'm glad they retroactively explained the yar-data ship (yarta? datyar?) that got just like dropped in without any detail one episode

troi looked in a mirror and saw her own face but not herself, and it took me a solid minute to figure out why she screamed before remembering that the cis don't regularly experience that

tfw you experience eldritch existential scifi horror so often you don't even notice it anymore

muhhhh geordie simulated a real person with the holodeck and is now meeting her for real and it is so creepy and uncomfortable I hate this

where is the spin off series of vash and q doing space archaeology

so far I def prefer discovery's treatment of trill symbionts over tng's. I miss adira

oh what in the queerbaiting fuck is the ending to this episode

"I cut you out of your old alien body and sewed you into the body of my crewmate, that was no big deal we can still snog, but sewing you into an alien *woman*, that's just too weird"

data 100% has emotions he just knows where they come from better than biobrains and thinks that makes them not feelings

why does worf's parenting seem so familiar 🤔

what exactly is a red alert? like what actions are taken when it is called? because it doesn't seem to include putting shields up, redirecting non-essential power, arming phasers, or even bridge crew being called to their stations

this next episode is about forgotten memories and flashbacks, right after one about a kid who shuts off all his emotions to deal with trauma. nothing resonating here ha ha.

why is denying someone asylum from a eugenicist human society even on the table? like I thought eugenics was banned to begin with, and I don't see how the prime directive applies even if it does affect the society's planned breeding

"what about the rights of the eugenicists to commit eugenics? don't we have to protect diversity by protecting this artificially homogenized society?"

I am not at all surprised to learn that riker is from alaska

and now picard is defending worf wanting to unalive because of paralysis because the assistive tech would be so ~humiliating~. at least the "eugenics is okay, actually" episode gave geordie the chance to be rightly indignant at his crewmates showing their whole ass like this

riker's def gonna fuck this agender alien isn't he

is this episode where the cis get their weird idea that trans advocates want a world where everyone is exactly the same without gender?

turns out this forced genderless society is an allegory for our forced gendered society, and not just an arbitrary what if. the alien riker is now snogging is a trans woman. was not expecting to see trans allyship on this show, cuz 90s, and no I'm not crying you're crying

this episode is almost as old as I am where has this been all my life 😭

this scene... 🏳️‍🌈😭🏳️‍⚧️

I like time loop episodes because they present the unachievable fantasy of being able to figure out the right things to say and do in apparent real time

I'm sure it's just "universal translator does codecs" but I really want there to be a Reason that video comms can work at first contact

maybe I've been watching too much star trek (okay I definitely have but that's not the point) but I'm getting very sci-fi vibes from my osdd stuff and it's uhhhhh interesting

was gonna say it would make for a good episode or character arc but then I remembered that's just Adira lol

geordie has once again developed a parasocial relationship with someone he is now meeting her in person 😬

everyone hates this party host for talking too much, so they encouraged data to emulate him so they could avoid the host. and now data and the host are infodumping (the crew are calling it small talk but it's def not that) with each other and it's honestly great?


I think paramount plus might be the buggiest streaming service I've ever used. it has suddenly decided, halfway through a season, to stretch the 4:3 video instead of letterboxing

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the concept of a surprise party is so utterly foreign to me. like "here's an obligation you couldn't consent to or keep your calendar free for you're welcome!" like if I hadn't been a part of one once I would think they were just one of those weird unrealistic TV things

I love that wesley pops up in the background of this episode serving basically no purpose beyond being an altered detail of the parallel universe. that's a great role for him

I kinda want a star trek but without the science. like, all the world building and open minded exploration, but admit that it's magic. is that discworld? I think that's just discworld

I really hope troi isn't the only therapist on the ship. every single one of the kids on board must surely have cptsd with all the wild things that happen to them all the time, not to mention all the plain old space battles. whose idea was it to let kids onboard to begin with?

starfleet really horse traded a planet settled by a group of native americans to the cardassians without asking the settlers, and opted for forcible removal of them when both they and the cardassians would be fine with the settlers staying there under cardassian jurisdiction 🤦

I feel like the federation doesn't really believe in the lofty ideals at the top levels, that it's really just another empire cloaked in rhetoric of democracy and freedom. sure there are True Believers in the ranks, but the top sees them as an obstacle

so, america, basically

the tng series finale has flashes forward to I think about the same time as the new picard series, and I feel like it would be really neat if they reshot the scenes with the now actually older actors

like obviously that would cost money and not generate any, so it won't happen, but it would be neat and we should do more things just because they're neat

starfleet seems more like a navy than any other terrestrial force, so shouldn't the into be "space. the highest of seas."

given that a "planet" in star trek tends to be more like an island - an archipelago at most - with a singular biome and geology, it really is more apt

voyager has a character referred to only as the doctor and I'm not sure if it's a nod, a snub, or a coincidence

I will now be asserting that Doctor Who (1996) was released solely to protect a trademark on the name "the doctor" after Voyager started with a character of the same name, no matter what evidence there is to the contrary. in fairness, it would explain why the movie is so bad

sf sf nerds, tell me what's missing from this skyline in 2372. what buildings have been built by now but demolished by then

just saying, there aren't any cars to be seen in this future, and doesn't it look nice?

"trans francisco" is a much better metro system name than "bart"

guys will really fly from san francisco to marseilles to meet someone who won't recognize them because they're from different timelines before seeing a therapist 😒

100% sure though that they put tom paris in marseille purely so they could have the "I need to see paris" gag. also idk why I thought marseille was like right next to paris?

instead of going to a therapist or medical and be honest about his experience, he went and did suspicious stuff and made everything hard. I feel like the real reason voyager doesn't have a ship's councilor is that having trusting honest communication breaks too many plot ideas

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