I'm confused, hasn't Discovery been gone for several years by the time the original series starts? I assume there's some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey plot device I missed in discovery, but still

can't help but feel like spock has a lot more patience for the allistics I mean humans than they do for him

"brand new technology referred to as old and strange" take a shot


if you commit a crime and are then cryogenically frozen or experience time dilation, does the statute of limitations count only the years as you experienced them, or does it count the longer period that the state has experienced?

the Kirk-Spock relationship makes me think Kirk has, on several occasions, said "I don't hate Vulcanians, one of my best friends is a Vulcanian!"

amazing how much the architecture of this distant planet in the 2260s looks like architecture of the 1960s earth

me at the beginning of the first season: Kirk doesn't speak strangely, idk what the big deal is

me toward the end: it seems his,,, manner of speaking. Changes, throughout the course of the show. growing, more unusual, as, time, passes

wait I'm sorry was the giant green hand spaceship in steven universe a REFERENCE??

Kirk just ended a utopian pre-warp society, introducing death where there was none, cuz his idea of ✨freedom✨ overrules the prime directive I guess. the show plays it as a positive, and when Spock compares it to Eden, Kirk just makes a crack that Spock looks like satan

this show explains so much about the 20th century, in the worst ways

beginning to suspect that Zapp Brannigan isn't a parody of Kirk, but rather just literally the exact same character with a different name

I get the sense spock isn't unemotional so much as he's had his ability to process and express emotion traumatized out of him

kirk buddy you've been all over the galaxy you *gotta* know better

for a happy heteronormative ending, the love interest joins the body of a character who only exists to be that body. and like, comphet and Bechdel aside, and no offense to Adira Discovery, I would very much like to see a plural system in any show who is neither evil nor supernatural

to be clear, my issue with this isn't "lol he still believes in Gᴏᴅ" but rather "unless there have been several entire genocides, humanity would still have a wide array of gods"

I, for one, could go for a god or three right about now

I wonder if I would notice the undetailed sets and dated practical effects as much if I were to watch it with some emulation of a period CRT. Like did them remastering from the original film actually make it look worse?

update: if anyone else wants one, I'm selling. $1 per pallet.

is there a plot reason for why klingons don't look any different than humans in the original series? or is it just that they hadn't thought of the whole forehead ridge thing yet?

the 20s were as much a nostalgia trip when this was made as the 80s are now 😳

why do I feel like kirk doing a 20s gangster voice sounds like trump

kirk's cadence when he's feeding someone a line, just complete off the cuff lies with perfect confidence, is exactly the same as trump when he's doing the same (which is usually)

this episode, the enterprise comes to a planet where the cold war was fought and won by a side kirk compares to earth """asiatics""". the analog to americans became """savages""" analogized to native americans, but still worshiping the american flag with the same cultish pledge

like, adjusting the racism baseline to 1968 levels, it's definitely making an argument against racism, and the corruption of american civil religion (a term introduced irl just a couple years earlier). that baseline is just a bit of a culture shock though

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@else Real reason: the latter. Though the difference is acknowledged (but not explained) in an episode of either TNG or DS9. (I forget which, but it involves someone asking Worf about it, and he was in both shows so 🤷. Anyway his answer was basically "we don't like to talk about it".)

@alahmnat @else IIRC, the Klingons got interested in Soong and wondered if they could do something to make themselves better/faster/stronger warriors. They got their hands on some of the old human augment tech, tweaked it a little, and ended up with a virus which spread across the galaxy and left them with this scar.

Out of universe, I think that was retcon and originally they just hadn't thought of it yet.

@else Iirc the plot reason was some artificial genetic changes the klingons did for some war reason or something

(but yeah apparently they just didn't think of it and had to patch it into the universe afterwards)

@else Just looked it up: Apparently there's a bit of explanation in ST:ENT (which I didn't catch on to while watching in the past though), stating it was due to some gen-modifying virus created during attempts to bioengineer "better" warriors: memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/K

@trisschen @else never watched star trek but I wonder if that served as an inspiration for Dr. Chef (and Grum species) in Wayfarers?

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