I'm gonna need someone who knows more about electricity explain to me how 90⁰F (32⁰C) weather breaks elevators in a practically brand new building

the sign is still there. feels like it would be worth sending out an email with an estimated time until it's fixed, or at least more of an explanation 🤷

@else i don't know really

i know that when you heat up a wire its resistance increases, which increases the amount of power needed to maintain a voltage, which produces more heat and more resistance

but 32C? that's nothing

@else I don't know myself, but I wonder if the warm weather has a bunch of people running running AC's and it's causing electrical issues for the elevator. Again, pure speculation on my part.

@else it probably works fine, but I'm guessing the shaft isn't climate-controlled so if it gets stuck the cabin might get too hot, so they shut it down for safety reasons

@else I've seen a similar thing happen on a very cold day

@else oh nvm, it says Low Voltage Issue Elevators, whatever the heck that means

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