fringe benefit of cell phones is when the power goes out you don't have to hunt in the dark for where you just put the flashlight down like two seconds ago coulda sworn where did it go


another welcome invention since the power outages of my youth is the rechargeable flashlight that lives plugged into an outlet and turns itself on when the power goes out. like the emergency floodlights that have been around forever, but small and portable

hot take: if it has a clock in it, it ought to sync itself with NTP or one of the radio clock broadcasts. it's 2021, this tech is cheap, there's no excuse

the best is my parents' water treatment system, which has a processing cycle on a timer. if you use too much water during the cycle, say because its clock is slow from losing power for a bit, it can *literally destroy itself*. it has no safeguard for this, nor a radio clock sync

@else thinking about some hacker who gets people fired by turning off their wifi enabled alarm clocks so they oversleep

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