today my piano teaching app taught me how to switch positions. my first full song after the lessons was joy to the world, which goes from middle c straight to the next c up. my hand hath been cleft in twain

app-based learning for piano has been great for learning with adhd. I can practice only when my attention allows it with no judgement, even if it's weeks or months apart. it might not be Optimal Learning or whatever, but I'm enjoying it, and that's all that matters 💅

seeing these little black marks and somehow pushing buttons that turn the marks into music still feels like utter magic to me and it's wonderful

I was in the mood to try practicing more this morning but ow nope ow not doing that my hands haven't been this sore since I was taking asl classes 😬

I'm finding I can very nearly hyperfocus on this by going through the same practice lesson or song over and over and over and over, which is great cuz hyperfocus is great and I haven't really had it in years. I just wish the app had a built in lesson repetition feature

like no really, I do want to just keep redoing this one thing until my hands hurt, it being repetitive is not boring for me it's actually helping me engage


lol turns out this is now the only thing my attention sticks to at all (besides doomscrolling). also mad world seems so simple on paper but uhhh this is a lot of coordination for me lol

my hands do not like going right from c to e minor at all and I don't know why cuz they don't have to change shape at all. I just keep misjudging the distance

also my brain likes to get stuck in a loop on this song when it's not sure how to move, where it just keeps the right hand doing the same split chord (or whatever the technical term is) until it figures out what to do lol

ph kinda 

is there a point in learning piano when your hands stop hurting, cuz like I think my brain would let me practice for hours and hours if my body were okay with it

re: ph kinda 

@else your hands will definitely get used to the movement and get stronger in the right places

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