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apparently everyone wants me to go to residential care for my eating disorder. which, given previous experiences with psych care, is a hard no even without the pandemic. but I guess I should just overcome my medical trauma and do it 🙃

vaccine, weight, ed, mh care -- 

now that I've reset a bit since getting triggered by the idea, I feel like I'd be open to it if I could get vaccinated first. ironically, if I hadn't lost so much weight, I would qualify for a vaccine because of obesity

ed, mh care -- 

but really, I don't see how it'll help anyway. like, they're not gonna "cure" my sensory issues, which is like half the problem to begin with. and the rest is my depression, which isn't gonna go away while there are still several apocalypses going on


family, mh care -- 

lol what if my cynicism and resistance to mental health treatment is because the only "help" I got for my issues as a kid did nothing to actually help and seemed more like punishment for things I couldn't change 🙃

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