how do ponds and lakes end up with fish in them? wrong answers only.

@else it's a lot like spontaneous combustion, except fish instead of flames

@else They fall from the sky and collect in rivers and lakes, then drain into the ocean.

@else Late at night, while mortals sleep, the unfishermen come.

ascii art re: wrong fish answers 

@else all water molecules are < shaped, so when you get enough of them in the same place, some of them are going to end up being

<>< <><

@else birds are bullies and kicked them out of the air


@else Spontaneous particle-pair generation
That's also where birds come from; they're anti-fish particles

@else The lakes make fish for the bears, because they love them and want them to be happy. |3

@else Rain actually carries fish eggs that evaporate in the oceans. It's the part of the water cycle they don't tell you about.

@else Volcanoes blow them out of the ocean and across the sky.

Ducks' life cycles are more complicated than we thought.

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