assassin's creed odyssey really does not give you any recap of the franchise lore at all, does it? they spend more time recapping basic ancient greek history that I kinda remember from school and/or 300 (2006) than the stuff you'd only know from the other games

I did play the third game (because it came with the ps3 I got in 2013, coincidentally about the same time that I watched 300), so I'm not totally lost with those parts, but uh, yeah mostly I am. thankfully so far the game stands without them. to the point I wonder why they bother

this game is stunningly gorgeous though. or maybe it's not and I just think it is cuz I don't play this kind of game much. but either way it would be even prettier if I anyone were selling new graphics cards

there's a mission where the badass spartan woman player character dresses up nice to go to a party and it's a Gender and I'm 😳🥺🥺

when you meet hippocrates he's all like "this idea that illness is sent by the gods for some imagined wrongdoing is bad and doesn't help people and people who believe it are stuck in the past" but it's now 2400 years later and people still believe it


a message shows up on my screen saying "you need to be anonymous". it means "to continue this mission you cannot have a feral hog chasing you"

hippocrates: this guy is an awful slaver idk if I should save him

kassandra: what if I free his slaves, killing half a dozen of his goons in the process. then you can heal him without hurting anyone else

hippocrates: I see no problem with this plan

nobody has ever needed a union as much as henchfolk. a goonion, if you will

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