I'm curious: has anyone in the us seen any kind of federal government psa on covid? ads on tv or online or radio, or even just like posters or billboards? I feel like I haven't but that could just be my bubble

I mostly ask because it's clear people are pretty lost in how to apply precautions. people know *to* wear a mask, but not *how*, or often the real *why*. and I see a lot of people being upset at individuals for not knowing, but... if nobody is teaching, why *would* they know?

@else I haven't really been /out/, and don't watch TV, but so far I've seen a county-level poster about how everyone's required to wear face masks.

@else @rey I got one postcard from 45 telling me how great he was at handling it. I immediately threw it in the waste bin and thoroughly washed my hands.

@else Does that postcard that was pretty close to a campaign thing count?

@moriar I haven't seen the postcard (I'm not at my usual address and I don't think mass mailers like that get forwarded). Did it have information about what to do on it at all?

@else Nope, just a lot of corporations playing tinkly music and saying they're here for me with pizza or something.

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