sometimes i think itd be nice to have like one big fund that people could contribute to that would handle emergency expenses for all the people who need it, so im not trying to figure out who to give to and how much, and then i realize thats just what taxes are supposed to be

instead I gotta trawl hashtags and use several different apps to send people money, with fees attached that do nothing but line the pockets of some shareholders who I'm sure never do these kinds of donations even though they have more to give

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I hate feeling conflicted and embarrassed trying to make my spare cash somehow work for every last person who deserves better things. OTOH, the people who *enjoy* making these decisions and playing God w/the lives of others? Fuck 'em. They suck.

My Understanding of Taxes 

@else My understanding is that states/empires/monarchies use taxes first and foremost as a way to pay for the military that has likely conquered the territory they're demanding taxes from. Any other benefits a state provides from collected taxes serve to (often intentionally) obscure the main goal of taxes. But yeah, I wish so badly that distributing resources to those who need it is what taxes were all about...

@else "what if we started one big GoFundMe campaign to pay for everyone's healthcare?"

@else and (unironically) jail people who could afford to contribute more but don't?

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