@else I'm so glad I saw a picture of a junco captioned "dark-eyed junco (birb)" today

@else this makes me happy because it hits the sweet spot of being silly but also scientific and it put a smile on my face

@awilfox idk if you've heard of it already, but there's a book called Because Internet, by Gretchen McCulloch, that's all about internet language from a linguistics perspective. It's basically just a whole book of explorations like this, and it's amazing

@else @awilfox Gretchen is also (slightly) on the Fediverse, at xoxo!

Old and busted: is a hot dog a sandwich?
New hotness: which birds are birbs?

@else I'm obviously out of the loop when it comes to memes and such: I had no idea what a 'birb' was until now.

It also took me ages to realise what people are referring to when they talk about 'birdsite' here on Mastodon: I initially thought they were referring to Audubon. 😃

@sohkamyung @else I've been spending less time on Twitter (yeah, *that* bird site), more time on mastodon, and a few days ago joined iNaturalist (actually a bird site!).


Welcome to iNaturalist! Hope you enjoy using it.

I'm also on iNaturalist and post shots here on Mastodon from it using the #iNaturalist tag.


@sohkamyung @else So far I've been lurking on iNaturalist, looking at what others are observing & learning, but it looks very interesting. Was recommended to me by people I spoke with on a bird walk.

@else Well, this distracted me from what I was doing and blew up my Pocket account following links.

Now I need to read a bunch of other stuff to get my tablet memory back! And I need it to stop raining so I can go out looking for birbs.

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