The anthropocene epoch is the period in which the most significant factor affecting the geology and ecology of the Earth is furries.

The sickness you feel reading this awful toot is how I've been feeling for three days now so deal with it.

@else Future geologists will argue that the tipping point was the plastics used in the manufacture and distribution of fursuits.

@else since we currently live in the Cthulhucene or the Capitalocene, we must assume that the anthropocene will be the time of fully automated luxury gay space communism. the cultural context of this political economy will be xenofeminist and xenophilic; individuals and communities will engage with these ideas through techniques of surgical and genetic intervention, taking the forms of actual and fictional creatures; a post(furry/human) flowering of morphologies and consciousnesses. in this paper i will

@else We've successfully entered the post-anthropocene epoch when they get overtaken by post-furries.

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