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Getting an "I do not yiff trains" t-shirt to go trainspotting in

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omg I just realized :awoo: also sounds like the Doppler effect. My new fursona is a train that goes awoo

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We should rename w to something with one syllable it's a shit letter there's no reason it should get three times as many syllables

who called it a lobbying firm and not a build a bill workshop

my super said he'll "pass by in a few" to check out my broken ac. 40 minutes ago.

patriarchy: This is What a Pretty Woman Is. She is Just Like a Little Girl. This is What Woman-Likers Want

me: damn… maybe I'm not gay for girls?

female bodies: *are transgressive, polymorphic, pluripotent, shifting, organic, mammalian, adult, exploding out of 'femininity' and 'femaleness'*

me: πŸ‘€ I'm Gay πŸ‘€ I'm Gay πŸ‘€ I'm Gay πŸ‘€

i just want to be deviant in ways that are acceptable to other ppl who scoff at normalcy

today's phrase that is stuck in my head:

case western international harvester

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imagine living in the connecticut western reserve and someone comes up to you like "hey guess what! we're not gonna be connecticut anymore!" and you're like "omg that's amazing! what're we gonna be instead?" and they're like "ohio!"

I hate the phrase "cry for help", but if an entire society could make a cry for help, it would look a lot like bo burnham's inside

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mh hospitalization mention 

I'm glad I watched it, but it took me a solid week of feeling solidly stable and positive before I felt ready to watch it, and even then I was unprepared. he has the same pained, screaming smile as my ex did when she was in and out of the hospital...

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bo burnham's inside is like an hour and a half of exactly the feeling of the last year and and a half. it's intense, and painful, and boring, and horrifying, and an astonishing artwork that I hope will be watched for generations to come and never want to see again

finally managed to get some 1mL syringes, which for some reason have been impossible for me to find. like, uhhh, needles in a hay stack

homophobes 🀝 Queers
wanting the to stop with the performative pride shit

I kinda feel like my glasses detract from the Look? I've never tried contacts before. maybe I'll get some of the unnatural color ones

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it's a lot easier to say heck it and diy a dramatic new haircut when you don't have to think about coworker reactions if it sucks lol

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shaved my legs and a third of my head, now just chilling in a bath. it's been well over an hour but I'm just soaking up the gender euphoria vibe πŸ›€πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ

my nyc hot take is that 6Β½ Ave is an underdeveloped, but also underappreciated, concept

like, here's several blocks of pedestrian arcade in the heart of midtown, but the frontage is all soulless office buildings. but it's a street with a fraction in its name, which is objectively cool

waaaait, the thing where I have to consciously prevent myself from moving to music sometimes, because people assume it means I like the music or commercial and not just that my body is doing a thing? that's... is that not something everyone has to do?

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