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i'm an INTF 

Watch Dogs 2? If I wanted to do that, I could just take mine for a walk!

This timely gameing toot brought to you by my non-existent dog.

someBODY once told me
the deserts gonna roll me
with a pair of trunkless legs in the sa-and

they were looking kinda vast
with a plaque, and yet no ass
and some words, 'bout some king, who was gra-and

how does a Linux nerd who likes decentralized social media but also wants their own features beyond what Mastodon provides eat pizza? 

When I was
A young boy
A traveller
Told me about a desert
And two legs standing there

I love Bob Ross because the spoonerism is Rob Boss and I think thatโ€™s beautiful


gods i am so fucking cuddle-horny. not like regular horny, just cuddle horny. help. (you can help by cuddling, preferably)

funny how old timey people used to say like

"morrow" instead of "morning"

and like "sooth" instead of "truth"

and "spirits of the forest" instead of "nonbinary people"

1929 - the Great Depression
2008 - the Great Anxiety Disorder
2016 - the Great Panic Attack

Should I have office sweatpants in addition to my office hoodie?

Ordering soup in July when it's 80 out because the office feels like 60 in October

You ever think about how there are people out there with last names like Disney and Sears and Chrysler who are entirely unrelated to the ones who founded companies and are Very Tired Of That Question Thank You Very Much

Is there a way to make Tusky (or a different android app or the web interface) show all the likes for a toot together in one "slot" in the notification view, and all the boosts in another? If a toot gets more than a couple, it gets really messy in there, but I still want to see that it's happening (gotta get that dopamine hit lol)

If an antidote is a cure, that means the poison must be a dote.

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