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I had trainsgender lapel pins made a while ago. They're on Etsy if you want one.

(The design is by, used by permission)

SF Bay Area: wow it's really expensive and difficult to maintain this system because it ignored loads of well-tested methods and systems in favor of something bespoke and

Also SF Bay Area: golly this Elon Musk has some real transit ideas

I've heard BART's original engineering work was done by firms with aircraft experience, not rail experience, because aircraft were The Thing in the 60s, and they wanted to bring in New Ideas because of course Different is Better. Which is the most fukkin SF thing ever.

And flat wheels. BART used flat wheels originally and are only now moving to tapered wheels because, lol and behold, the century of railway history before BART was built correctly determined tapered wheels are better. Who would have fucking thought, right.

I mean, it's fine to be non-standard as long as you have a good reason for it and are consistent about it. At least Toronto picked a weird gauge to match their streetcars, as opposed to BART which picked a weird gauge just fukkin because.

I'm not sure which is worse
That the Toronto Subway uses a rail gauge entirely unique to Toronto
Or that the new line under construction uses standard gauge instead.

my mom's worried my relatives might think im gay after i posted this on whatsapp lol

I love how "don't sign your tweets" is just another way of saying "I know you are but what am I?" but somehow actually sounds like a decent insult

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McDonalds stopped selling milkshakes in the UK so that their products don’t get thrown at fascists. The next step is obvious. Throw Big Macs at fascists. Throw every McDonalds food item at fascists and they will go out of business in a week.

If someone is dressed to the nines, it means they're dressed fancy for a very high percentage of the year. For example, if someone is dressed to five nines, they're not fancy less than 5.26 minutes a year

we made people read music theory without ever letting them hear music for 30 years, then we made them compose. we call it, plato's allegory of the rave

A boot with magnets in the soles to give you extra traction on wet and slippery metal subway grates

I posted this on birbsite and autocomplete knew all but the first and last words

Guess whomst woke up at quarter to three and can't get back to sleep

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