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We should rename w to something with one syllable it's a shit letter there's no reason it should get three times as many syllables


What's the best way to set up automatic-but-not-always cross-posting between here and birbsite?

I want to put my excursion threads on both,but it's a pain to manually cross-post, and the Twitter app is better for making them, so they end up only there. And in general I want most of what I post there to end up here as well (though not vice-versa). But some things I post there I want to phrase differently or put more CWs on when I put them here.

Is there maybe an easily-disablable tweet-to-toot cross-posting thing? Or a highly configurable one? Or should I maybe just roll my own?

a messenger delivers messenges. that's how language works :dont_at_me:

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One of the most annoying assumptions that liberals and centrists make is that all of the harmful outcomes of public policy were accidental.

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i now have a wooloo named sappho. my pokemon journey is complete

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People get so shocked when I tell them I've raised two kids alone, got my PHD in Psychotherapy, work full time during the have a night job and a successful business from home. I maintain all friendships and a social life and donate to charity. Anything is possible when you lie

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Mastodon is a dog park for your fursona.

boston accent storing your cawntent in the chowda

tired: storing content in the cloud

inspired: storing your content in the clout

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"I forgot what Elon Musk makes besides promises" is a devastating burn but I'm never gonna have another context where I can use it

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Truth staying in her well and just subtooting mankind cause she doesn't feel up for a big confrontation right now

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@else "Just trying to remember all these obscure facts leaves me winded."
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so weird to me that so much of star wars marketing is around "choose your side" like i think a pretty cursory glance at the movie should tell you what side to pick???

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You: how do you remember all these obscure facts?

Me: I have a pneumatic device

You: You mean a mnemonic device?

Me, over a loud hissing noise: No

I just created a PR with two lines of code that amount to `if condition: sleep(0.2)`, and ten lines of comment explaining why. So that's how my Friday is going.

Like, in another of our projects, we get a lot of sqlalchemy errors that are actually normal operation, which is ofc bad. I want to replace them with errors that say "hey, the fact that this exception is being raised means an error condition isn't being reported straightforwardly, which is bad and should be fixed". When I was doing runbook updates, I added a note of "if you see sqlalchemy errors, you need to catch them and re-raise something specifically descriptive, even if you can't address the actual cause", but having it say that in the error itself would be nice.

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