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We should rename w to something with one syllable it's a shit letter there's no reason it should get three times as many syllables

Tired: referring to Jeremy Corbyn as "Jezza"

Inspired: referring to Our Lord And Savior Jesus H. Christ as "Jezza"

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girls are like *shows up in in a cute dress and acts like it's nbd while everyone else the room is physically melting due to being in their presence*

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:brain2: crying over lost childhood because i didn't realize i was a girl until 19
:brain6: crying over lost childhood because i never had a console that could play halo

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some guy made a tweet that was like “god I can’t believe they made Mary Elizabeth Winstead less hot in birds of prey” and like other than the very obvious point that women don’t exist solely to sexually gratify people...

Imagine thinking Mary Elizabeth Winstead holding a crossbow isn’t the hottest thing on planet earth. Cis dudes are fucking cowards, on god

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Getting out of bed something something oppressive social construct.

HIV joke, I'm truly sorry 

The Tapir-Wolf Hypothesis, which suggests that a person's fursona affects their worldview and cognition,

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I looked at the sub and it wasn't for trans at all. Some weird computer thing, apparently


surgery, tmi/lewd, caps 

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You had a bad take

You shut your main down

You make a shit post just to turn it around

That redaction kink feel when the little black bars censoring lewdness have the opposite effect

Redaction domme Anita Know has TS clearance as well as access to SCI (Sexy Compartmentalized Information)

Meeting a SW for redaction play at an undisclosed location

Redaction top: I can neither confirm nor deny anyth-

Bottom: *nuts*

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