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Getting an "I do not yiff trains" t-shirt to go trainspotting in

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omg I just realized :awoo: also sounds like the Doppler effect. My new fursona is a train that goes awoo

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We should rename w to something with one syllable it's a shit letter there's no reason it should get three times as many syllables

me: is it true you married the small boat used for getting to shore when the ship can't?

pirate captain elvis: arr, love me tender

using mastodon at my chimney sweep job so i can send toot while i tend soot

queer bashing? you mean shell scripting?


yever get that thing where you don't move one of your limbs for a little while and you just kinda forget its there?

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something something sapir whorf as revolutionary praxis or whatever I'm tired

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til Gramsci is a person and not the linguistic study of grammar

yever have those days where you're alive? they suck

Else awooed

me when i had this made on cafepress in 2016: dumb, this will stop being funny in 6 months

me taking this out of the cupboard in 2018: haha BEEN

still a more accurate description of anarchism than what most people think it is

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arches are the worst. arc de triomphe? awful. washington square? hate it. roman aqueducts? travesty. this is why i'm an anarchist

apparently allspice is actually just one spice from one kind of plant? this is even more disappointing than everything bagels


lol at bitcoin marks saying "lel blue checks have bad opsec" as if it's not entirely believable that this is *twitter's* security failure

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so since someone hacked twitter to make every notable account post a very obvious scam, maybe *now* can we ban bitcoin? please?

watching a show in french has apparently reactivated my mostly dormant spanish, cuz my brain has started occasionally producing words in spanish instead of english again

I mostly ask because it's clear people are pretty lost in how to apply precautions. people know *to* wear a mask, but not *how*, or often the real *why*. and I see a lot of people being upset at individuals for not knowing, but... if nobody is teaching, why *would* they know?

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I'm curious: has anyone in the us seen any kind of federal government psa on covid? ads on tv or online or radio, or even just like posters or billboards? I feel like I haven't but that could just be my bubble

who called it metrication and not au-revoir-dupois

Francisco Franco, or as he was better known, Franky Frank,,

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