Something about spoonerisms just gets them lodged in my brain and I don't think it's gonna stop until I name my kid Taper, which surprisingly would not be the weirdest name in the Powell family

Hey while we're at it can Linus resign? Idk if he sexually harasses people but he certainly regular harasses people quite a lot

rms resigning is even more overdue than changes of my name in various companies' systems send toot

gonna make a bot that posts what a word would sound like if the sound one of its letter groups makes were replaced by the sound that same letter group makes in a different word

tooth has the same vowel sound as book now they just announced it

But clearly, from *gestures at entire subway system* nobody was thinking about ped flow then, so would it have even need added width for a staircase? And if it was the latter, why not add a staircase when eliminating the grade crossing? Ugh, I'm Mad About The Subway again

The answer is probably that what is now a parking lot to the east of the approach had a building when the station was built, so there wasn't room to adjust the vehicle approach to add width for a staircase. Or maybe there was a grade crossing there then, so a direct stair wasnt needed?

Also unanswered: why does a station with Brooklyn Bridge in the name which has an underpass directly under the pedestrian approach not have a direct staircase to said approach, instead routing confused tourists through a desolate car culture hellscape?

I don't know why the end with one narrow street staircase has two up escalators (and one down), while the end with two wide street staircases has one up and one down. Maybe there was an additional staircase that got closed in the subway's Dark Ages?

Had to stop in the middle of a turnstile because the line to get up the single narrow staircase from the upper mezzanine to the street was too backed up. I only took this exit cuz it's a v deep station, and the single up escalator to the other upper mezzanine was broken. Again.

On to the second episode of the new Veronica Mars and it turns out the Veronica-Logan relationship *can* get more fucked up!

I'm curious: what are people using for text editors these days? I got hooked on vim in college, and I know there are probably better options now, but I just can't seem to quit it…

I'm pleased to announce that after several hours of intense cleaning, my apartment can now be classified as "kinda filthy". Thank you, thank you, please, hold your applause

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