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Getting an "I do not yiff trains" t-shirt to go trainspotting in

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omg I just realized :awoo: also sounds like the Doppler effect. My new fursona is a train that goes awoo

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We should rename w to something with one syllable it's a shit letter there's no reason it should get three times as many syllables

alc, immigration, twitter 

today in cursed twitter ads from the fascist dystopia: solving the "we have concentration camps" problem by ✨providing information✨

the real horseshoe theory is hating liberals


am I eating ice cream for breakfast? yes. are you allowed to judge me for it? no, cuz it's better than skipping yet another meal 🙃

I keep getting emails from amtrak about sales and discounts. an arm of the federal government literally encouraging travel during a pandemic. just beautiful.

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imo there are two kinds of people rn. those who are struggling to even maintain a facade of good mental health, and monsters

oh, sorry, halloween is already over. it fell on friday the 13th. don't ask how, it's 2020

opinion: girls with nictitating membranes

do you think there's a printer on the space station? is it a normal one or does it have to be a special space printer?

I'm a very grounded person. I have zero energy, zero potential, and have been crushed and abraded into mush

I will be replacing "never look a gift horse in the mouth" with "don't be a horse dentist" from now on

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okay I cannot remember the last time I saw a horse let alone gotten one as a gift and honestly I have no idea why I'd need to look a horse in the mouth, like I know it's teeth or something but I don't know what good horse teeth look like I AM NOT A HORSE DENTIST

gotta appreciate a serial killer who still uses actual film in 2020 purely so the people trying to catch them have a darkroom full of creepy red light and dangling film to rummage through

I just saw a yawn emoji 🥱 and it made me yawn. it's like ␇ but for meat

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