@anthracite Yeah it makes sense! Subtle guitar flag also does this and while it is nowhere near as good as double king it's actually a GOOD flag so I'm hoping for that for real.

@anthracite Double King is my second favorite. Possum is the best.

@anthracite THANK YOU the vexillology channel on one of my slacks is having a field day with this.

re: 2020, possible death, possible fraud, racism, sexism, drama, science twitter, COVID 

@Canageek what the fuck

Me: I'm hungry oh right there's leftover quinoa in the fridge.


Anyway I had crumbs for dinner.

(Don't worry I went back a bit later and ate some quinoa.)

@anthracite twitter.com/sevenishmagpies/st

He basically spent the entire time talking about himself, how Campbell was good, and mispronouncing names.

HEY AMERICANS, big reminder: you can text "USPS" to 50409 to sign a big-ass petition to save the United States Postal Service that'll get sent to your congress reps. inexpensive, reliable mail service is crucial to everyone in the American comics industry, as well as everyone else in the creative and small business fields. signing only takes a minute and doesn't require any info more personal than your street address and email. DO IT!

Lewd, 9/11 Mention 

I had a dream where I was back in time in high school and was in an afab body so the first thing I did was to take an electric toothbrush to my clit and then I tried to stop 9/11 because priorities.

Food, Video 

Oh my gosh a fried rice video where I have no complaints. youtube.com/watch?v=4ne3BvF4YW

What if we made a 2020 tarot deck that's just, like, 78 towers, but drawn by different artists?


I got a F O R B I D D E N H U G today.
From an ex no less.

@Canageek oh i mean the underlying causes that led to this clusterfuck

there's literal fire involved

@Canageek anyway i'll explain why canvas rubrics sucks ass next time we're not communicating via recorded text

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