MAGIC! Birbsite Link 

I went on a mail run during the middle of the night and... found some kind of magic circle behind my car? Full story here:

Anyway have a picture.

Oops I made another cursed shirt.
Somebody take these image editors away from me.

PS I am a warlock main I am more than qualified to make fun of titans.

Since people actually want to buy this cursed design for some reason??? it is now on Redbubble, where there's more variety of shirt styles and sizes. Also since it's way easier to add new versions to RB there are now sheepgirl and not-animal-girl versions. Also you can buy a dress with this pattern idek.

By popular demand this cursed design now comes in catgirl and foxgirl varieties.

You can actually buy one if you REALLY want to... They'll be up once the computers get them in the system and all that at

Hiiiiii I now make and sell pride moon phase necklaces you should get some.

US Pol, Slogans, Fuck the Police 

Jackbox in 2020

If anyone wants to add me on Switch for Animal Crossing.

Naked Selfie, EC 

Rare moment when I don't have my body too much. Jacuzzi helps.

Okay this was a success.
(Also hi I was the one who brought the kibble to Bandaza.)

Okay I guess I should do some self promotion here too! I am now making and selling stuff on Etsy because I'm unemployed and I have time to make cool things and also have time! I'm running a sale on my pronoun pins until tonight so please take a look if you want. <3

I also have Untitled Goose bumper stickers that say press Y to honk plz buy some of those. :3 :3 :3

Oh I should post a shop link! Here it is:

Kink Shitpost 

Why does the mall have a sign calling me out?

Pony Recursion 

I just found this thing I made years ago and welp.

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