Naked Selfie, EC 

Okay this was a success.
(Also hi I was the one who brought the kibble to Bandaza.)

Okay I guess I should do some self promotion here too! I am now making and selling stuff on Etsy because I'm unemployed and I have time to make cool things and also have time! I'm running a sale on my pronoun pins until tonight so please take a look if you want. <3

I also have Untitled Goose bumper stickers that say press Y to honk plz buy some of those. :3 :3 :3

Oh I should post a shop link! Here it is:

Kink Shitpost 

Pony Recursion 

I made most of a desk! Now all it needs is a top! (Just like my love life!)

I put a fennec down on a table at the Hilton and all of a sudden furries showed up and declared this Rainfurrest 2019.

BUN, "Art", Math, Minor USPol Reference 

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