So hey I made functioning tiny guillotine necklaces.

Like the blade will actually drop if you hold it upright and let go.

Chop chop.

@echo your shop is *amazing* I wish shopping to AUS wasn’t so pricey. The guillotine necklace is genius.

Aw thanks! Yeah overseas shipping is a messsss.

@echo aaand that’s a purchase! Ordered a couple pins for my partner, as well 😄 💸 :guillotine:

Oh my god

I can hardly believe that this is a thing that exists now

Well done, they look super neat!

(Also, standard gripe about shipping costs from US to NZ)

Actually i may take back the gripe, shipping looks like it might not be /terrible/ costly if it doesn't go up much with more stuff... might be justifiable at some stage....


@certifiedperson It doesn't go up at all! I do a flat rate shipping ($17 to most places including NZ) because most of my stuff are a fraction of a pound and international shipping costs the same ($17 usd ish) up to 0.5 pounds.

@echo I'm hesitating between creepy and super fun, but what's sure is that they are gorgeous!

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