Mutual Aid Offer 

Hey I have half a "stimulus" check in my PayPal right now and I want to give it to people who need it more than I do.

If you need financial help just reply with a PayPal address (sorry Venmo and Cashapp don't like me right now) and I'll send you something.

Offer good until I'm out of money in my PayPal account.

Feel free to boost?


re: Mutual Aid Offer 

Sorry that took a bit I had a headache and took a nap. >.< I should be caught up now! If you got something with a note of <3 it's from me. <3

PS I don't look at the PayPal names because of working with so many trans folks so dont' worry I have ignored your deadname out of habit. :D

re: Mutual Aid Offer 

@echo 👀

just ignore the name, that name is bad and stinky

Mutual Aid Offer 


re: Mutual Aid Offer 

@echo heya! i have some bunnies who need a bag of food!

i appreciate it thank you!

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