Seattle people who like tea!!! The following tea shops are terrible and you should never give them business!!!

Crimson Lotus - harbors abuser
B Fullers (the steampunk one) - anti-mask, thinks covid is overblown
Queen Mary's - sued drag queens for trademark stuff

Can point you to receipts upon request.

Dumb joke 

@echo damn, so I guess that's the tea, huh

@echo I just saw a photo of the sign on B Fuller's door, posted on tumblr. I'm running away from that one for sure.


KIRO7 news showed up at B Fuller to ask owner about his anti-mask policy, and he declined to comment and abruptly closed the store.

@raye AHAHAHAHA I didn't see that part! I saw them on CNN as the prime example of a store banning ppl wearing masks tho.

@echo apparently his apology on Fb went over like a lead zepplin. They got made a headline on Fark over their actions so this isn't going away any time soon.

@raye oh yes there are 800 comments on the "apology" telling him he's a fuckwit

@echo to the friend who told me about the headline, I bet it is still a thing.

@echo Crimson Lotus plans to respond, so I am withholding full judgment till I've heard both sides. Right there with you on the other two.

@echo Thanks for this.

I'm Seattle (well, Redmond, technically), and I love tea. Do you know any good tea shops that aren't bad?


Why hello friend I am in Redmond too!!!

Friday Afternoon in Wallingford is the Good Canonical Tea Shop Round These Parts Run By Neurodiverse Nerds of Queer and/or Trans Persuasions and they are good.

Experience Teas in Issaquah is good with classes and some blends, I don't go there as often but like 10% of my tea comes from them. I've also heard good things about Lizzy Kate in Kirkland tho I've never been myself.

Attic Secrets in Marysville does reasonably priced and very good high tea, if you're into that! The problem is that it's in Marysville. I generally only go if I'm accompanied by cis white women.


OOP forgot to mention Teaember. It's basically just a lady who runs an import business out of her house but she does tea tastings by appointment, which if you want to experience fancy ass oolongs is a good place to go.

Well, after pandemic.

@echo thank you for sharing!!

Also hello Redmond friend let’s get tea sometime :D

@IzzyWithAnIzze YES! I have too much tea and am always happy to make tea for folks. :D

@IzzyWithAnIzze @echo If you're looking for hardcore Chinese tea (pu erh and stuff), Phoenix Tea in Burien is still good. There are several places around that do the more usual black tea, blends & tisanes. Also one the pandemic is over, come to the NW Tea Festival every autumn!

@deadrose @IzzyWithAnIzze The Phoenix ppl are good!

I am expecting this year's tea festival to be online. I think some usual exhibitors will be doing sales / special events tho.

@echo @IzzyWithAnIzze

Yes, they've officially cancelled this year's festival and moved to planning for next year. I checked the website earlier.

@echo And their response has been ..... zip. So we're scratching off that one, too.

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