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I am having discussions about fox plumbing and it's like literally about a plumbing company named after the animal and not remotely about what fox plumbing should be about.

I am old and boring now. :(

So I screwed up and missed the turn into my house on my commute home which is a problem because I live on the southbound side of a street where the northbound direction is a major route for commuters this time of day. This means that if I wanted to turn around it'd take like lots of time to even try to get into the line of cars and then another ten minutes to go two blocks.

So I am eating sushi instead. :3

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Hi! It's time for me to find a new job.

Does anyone have a lead on a social work/therapy position? I'm almost an LICSW with experience working in children's welfare, sexual assault response, disaster management, and LGBTQA+ case management. I have supervision experience, too!

Let me know! (And please reboost!)

Last night I had three nightmares not sure which one is the most terrifying:

1. fighting space marines with lasers

2. scheduling anime night for The Entire Polycule

3. all the people I have crushes on asked me out on dates!!! and then I woke up

Hi so this is Wing / Echo / sevenishmagpies / ???

Will likely delete this toot after a bit. Making it so you know the context of who is following you.


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