I ripped off an air force recruitment poster at the local craft store and replaced it with a sci fi convention flyer I have been gay and done crimes today.

Okay this was a success.
(Also hi I was the one who brought the kibble to Bandaza.)

Okay I guess I should do some self promotion here too! I am now making and selling stuff on Etsy because I'm unemployed and I have time to make cool things and also have time! I'm running a sale on my pronoun pins until tonight so please take a look if you want. <3

I also have Untitled Goose bumper stickers that say press Y to honk plz buy some of those. :3 :3 :3

Oh I should post a shop link! Here it is: etsy.com/shop/SevenishMagpies

I just came back from my first pole class and I'm in so much pain but it feels so good omg.

Soooo I officially quit my job this past Monday after another week and a half on medical leave and it feels AWESOME.

It would feel more awesome if / when unemployment comes through but wow I have not felt this great about the future and stuff since... ever?

Anyway I just bought tickets to Sitka end of this month and New Orleans in January so yeah I GET TO TRAVEL OMG.

So last week my friend was like "you're sad come hang out with me and my coven we'll feed you food" and I was like okay so I ended up eating cheese and talking about tarot card kickstarters with a bunch of witches. One of them gifted us a bunch of candles infused with part of the latest thunderstorm.

Last night I used the candle as a focus to perform a Ritual to my crow altar aka Target cat bowl to invite more crows because it's just a thing that you do. And this morning I found the crows ATE THE CANDLE (it's soy which is good for birbs!) and dragged its plastic container to their nest to lick it clean. Also there's a feather on my porch.

I am guessing they accepted the offering.

Also I may have accidentally enchanted the local crows with the power of a thunderstorm during the equinox ooooops.

My friend was like stop being sad come to my coven meeting with me and I went and it turns out witches basically just sit around and eat cheese.

1000000000000% better than church.

@anthracite Do you know if there are any good recommendations for clothing etc when doing pole with a dick? Just signed up for a free class and thought I'd ask in case you knew already. :3

MH --- 

Kink Shitpost 

Went to a trans professional networking thing and spent five minutes talking to a lady about how to wear collars at work by accessorizing them because of course that would be a thing.

Fountain Pens 

Lewd Shitpost 

Anyone here still need PAX badges? Friend is trying to get rid of some of hers.


I think I figured it out.
My fursona is a cat trying to nap on top of a sheep while a crow is perching on the cat screaming the worst omens and also the sheep has a fox tail is the sheep actually a fox is there just a fox stuck in the sheep who knows.

Like not just the cat. My fursona is all of those things together.

Two crows landed on my porch (from separate places) and started cawing at each other and then they flew to a tree together making crow noises and sat real close long story short I think I'm operating a crow dating service now.

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