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The only thing purer than a murder of fat women pointing at each other's dresses and asking "did you get it at eShakti omg?" is a pride of queers complimenting each other on their rainbow enamel pins to the point of forgetting what they were originally talking about.

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My earlier tweet that 'two enby people can be in a straight relationship as long as one is upside down' has been proven false due to new science.

As it turns out, gender is not determined by orientation,

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Hi friends if you are posting pictures of snakes please CW them or at least put the words "snake" or "snek" somewhere so my filters can remove them from my timeline. Using words like noodle is cute but makes filtering hard because I don't want to like filter out ramen pictures too. Thank you.

Hello friends Woot is selling trans pride color LED pet collars for 7 bucks right now in case this was a thing you needed in your life. home.woot.com/offers/led-safet

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Seattle friends: The Devil and Sarah Blackwater currently at the Annex Theater is amazing, especially if you're into the weird Americana and/or crows that I am. I think it's only playing for another week or so go catch it while you can.

Did I mention there are crows? So many crows.

boost this and I'll assign you an rpg trinket* until I can't think of any more trinkets**

* a simple item lightly touched by mystery

**as above, but plural

Seattle crafty friends: I need like, a 1ft by 2in by 1in (or less) piece of like, maple or something? Where would I find that? Would prefer not Home Depot / Lowes.

I have a mitre saw so can cut longer pieces down but no table saw for the other direction. Also can only transport maybe 4ft long pieces in my car.

Once in a blue moon there will be like a random thread on a forum that's like "we should start a conference/convention for this thing" and then people who clearly have never ran one of these before start throwing out numbers and plans and I'm like on sweetie.

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Thanks to the snowstorm and working from home I'm now doing a lot of video processing and editing and I just realized---

I am a trans woman.
Working on three video files.
All named "matrix_n.mp4" where n goes from 1 to 3.


Anyway I am spending my evening downloading gay icons on Noun Project so those designers who chose to make gay icons can get paid.

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Okay fun fact so I meow in a minor key when I am in acute but minor pain, like laser hair removal.

So of course the last time I went when she's about to begin she was like "ready to make some kitty noises?"

I am a stereotype.

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