I've been playing more video games in an attempt to not think about shitty things.

Sundered is a Very Good Game.

By popular demand this cursed design now comes in catgirl and foxgirl varieties.

You can actually buy one if you REALLY want to... They'll be up once the computers get them in the system and all that at society6.com/sevenishmagpies

Sorry vulpine mods/admin if you got a bunch of suspicious activity from me/@floof in the last 15 minutes I switched to a new browser and forgot which email I used to for this account.

Seattle people who like tea!!! The following tea shops are terrible and you should never give them business!!!

Crimson Lotus - harbors abuser
B Fullers (the steampunk one) - anti-mask, thinks covid is overblown
Queen Mary's - sued drag queens for trademark stuff

Can point you to receipts upon request.

Ahhh money rock island and I got a wolf villager!!!


Hiiiiii I now make and sell pride moon phase necklaces you should get some.

ACAB, Design Rant 

I just realized that the blue stripe on those fucking blue lives flags are NOT CENTERED ON THE FLAG.

In case you needed more reasons to hate them.

US Pol, Slogans, Fuck the Police 

Jackbox in 2020

Shit what the CHAZ doesn't need 

The CHAZ is not accepting cash donations, just stuff donations

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If anyone wants to add me on Switch for Animal Crossing.

Okay I guess I should actually have a fursona.

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