My friend was like stop being sad come to my coven meeting with me and I went and it turns out witches basically just sit around and eat cheese.

1000000000000% better than church.

@anthracite Do you know if there are any good recommendations for clothing etc when doing pole with a dick? Just signed up for a free class and thought I'd ask in case you knew already. :3

MH --- 

Kink Shitpost 

Went to a trans professional networking thing and spent five minutes talking to a lady about how to wear collars at work by accessorizing them because of course that would be a thing.

Fountain Pens 

Lewd Shitpost 

Anyone here still need PAX badges? Friend is trying to get rid of some of hers.


I think I figured it out.
My fursona is a cat trying to nap on top of a sheep while a crow is perching on the cat screaming the worst omens and also the sheep has a fox tail is the sheep actually a fox is there just a fox stuck in the sheep who knows.

Like not just the cat. My fursona is all of those things together.

Two crows landed on my porch (from separate places) and started cawing at each other and then they flew to a tree together making crow noises and sat real close long story short I think I'm operating a crow dating service now.

Someone wrote a song about being at a party where everyone is trans and I love it!!!

Lewd Mention 

Pony Recursion 

I spent the last hour making a feral hog castle defense type shitty web game because I could.

You can play it! If you have Flash because I can't get HTML5 working.

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