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When I look for travel tips for LGBTQIA+ travelers, the only info I get is: here's all the clubs that gay men like.

No, that's not what I want! I want to know what cafes queer women hang at, what spa would be trans friendly, what gallaries can I find work by queer people, what business may have queer owners or employees.

Anyway, where should a pan trans gal hit up in Madrid? Where would I most likely be able to make a friend?

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I just had to explain to these serious human/tech researchers what Mastodon is.

"So it's like Twitter, but you have different servers so you can like block the terrible people. And everyone can make a server. Like this lady has a dragon server, and I'm on a fox server. *pause* There are a lot of furries."

Hey got Mastodon working on my new phone I can actually be here again.

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Hi Seattle friends! I'm at Norwescon! Gonna hit the Thurs night dance in a bit but don't have much else planned. Let me know if you want to do a thing with me!

Oh nooooooo my therapist favorited my birbtoot not realizing it's me!!!

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The only thing purer than a murder of fat women pointing at each other's dresses and asking "did you get it at eShakti omg?" is a pride of queers complimenting each other on their rainbow enamel pins to the point of forgetting what they were originally talking about.

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My earlier tweet that 'two enby people can be in a straight relationship as long as one is upside down' has been proven false due to new science.

As it turns out, gender is not determined by orientation,

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Hi friends if you are posting pictures of snakes please CW them or at least put the words "snake" or "snek" somewhere so my filters can remove them from my timeline. Using words like noodle is cute but makes filtering hard because I don't want to like filter out ramen pictures too. Thank you.

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