Food Crimes, Birbsite Link 

I drank diet dr pepper cream soda and made a video essay about it I guess.

please take a look at my shop or commission me? πŸ‘€

i can do plushies, simple crochet and cross stitch

it will be in time for christmas gifts (except big cross stitch!) if you buy now πŸ‘€ 🎁 πŸŽ„

plz RT πŸ‘€

urgent funds request for homeless woman, health mention 

hi friends, my very good friend is a sex worker who has been homeless for part of lockdown and was recently hospitalised for an infection that leaves her very vulnerable to covid. i am raising urgent funds to get her shelter through my account to protect her identity and she has consented to this. please donate or share if you can

re: Desert Bus, Dysphoria, Content Warnings 

NOPE I LIED still shaking.

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Desert Bus, Dysphoria, Content Warnings 

Okay I think I am done hyperventilating from the no warning snake segment now I honestly could not fucking close the window quick enough.

Also Erika was mood during the whole youth picture segment which I have named Desert Bus Dysphoria Hour.

Seattle Garages Desert Bus Concert 

oh my gosh the garages bass players with pink flannel



Fox transfer protocol:
1. Carefully pick up fox
2. Hold fox gentle like hamborgar
3. Go to destination
4. Set fox down
5. Pet

Protip: Having chat off in Desert Bus and only chatting in Mastadon/Slack/Discord with friends also watching is waaaaay better than having chat on.

So um I am extra hype for desert bus this year because I made like, 1% of the first live auction item.

desert bus desert bus desert bus desert bus desert bus

NSFW Business Proposal for Furry Artist 

So I am tired of cutting boards with a clipart of a shark and "shark coochie board" engraved on them to take advantage of the meme.

I want to make cutting boards with a picture of a shark inviting you to fuck their coochie engraved on them. A real honest to fuck shark coochie board.

I have the ability to engrave said image. I do not have the ability to draw shark genitalia. Who wants to do a collab?

(Honestly have NO IDEA how much this will sell but I want this to exist so.)

Protest tips from an Anarchist Jurisdiction

Last week, Seattle hit 150 days of protests. I've been on the ground for a whole lot of that.

After the election tomorrow, I'm guessing a number of y'all are gonna be back out in the streets again.

Here's some stuff that's been important in the last few months, some of which I hadn't seen discussed as much in "protest 101" type posts [thread]:

I did it I blocked birbsite from my computer and will keep it blocked until at least Wednesday.

Gonna turn off data on my phone too starting tomorrow afternoon.

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