Proposal to rename the following shards:

Bant -> WUG
Esper -> WUB
Sultai -> BUG
Temur -> RUG
Grixis -> RUB

(I am forever amused that my bird deck is in bant colors so it has a secret WUG in it)

👾 the old world is dying (traditional major publishing houses)

the new world struggles to be born (small presses and e-book self-publishing strangled in their infancy by the weight of amazon)

now is the time of monsters (988 chapter ongoing online serial)

Support trans authors!

My book of an enby wizard surviving a stroke and dealing with the loss of xeir magic while helping out others in dire circumstances is a good way to do so!

✔️Survivors of illness and abuse living well
✔️No magical dismissal of disability
✔️Cool enbies being cool
✔️Full content warnings

Itch gives me the best cut so preferably there but it's also available on kindle or in paperback from Amazon if you want it that way!​

it is time to do more kitn science! pls vote on what you think is best! thank mew

A small uninvited houseguest came in for a visit through the window but gave themselves a soft bonk on the way out. After guiding them back to the door and a short rest, they went back to the trees outside to flit with friends.

More cute houseguests, but fewer bonks please.

a spellbook where each spell has a long personal story with it like recipe blog


I have a working aluminum production factory woooo!!! Now to pull a train line from it to my base.

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