Just flashed Libreboot on my old Macbook from 2006 :D (fun fact: I mistakenly put a Windows 10 SSD inside it and it ran just fine)

@doubleDensity :D What computer did you flash? Also I love how the background of the GRUB in ROM is animals snuggling :3

@Hiro I have two x60 tablets, but one of them is for parts (the board works). I also have a T400, but it's getting a little rough after so much use. I'll refurbish it eventually.

You can also change the background.jpg if you mess around in the ROM file with cbfstool. :3

@doubleDensity Nice nice! My Macbook isn't looking great either TBH but I think I'll try refurbishing it too just for fun.

Ho maybe I'll change the background then! :3

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