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No one knows that you mlem when you put on the mask.

I blame my parents, they taught me how to dial in at the age of six.

*peels off the humansuit*

damn, I was getting sweaty in there

see you at the next con

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If I have ever given you the impression of that I am human, I must apologize.


Food mention, gender and sexuality shitposting 

Trans flag is cotton candy.

Enby flag is licorice flavored.

Bi flag is fruit punch.

If you need a fine example of a majestic wolf,

Look no further. 🐺

I have come to terms with my being gay and fluffy. :blobfoxuwu:

It's fun pushing under-powered things to their full capacity.

Computers, 50cc scooters, you name it.

Solar and pendulum-winding watches are very cool. ⌚

Local suburban parents are protesting school closures in a Baskin Robbins parking lot.

please fax or mail me certified for copyright permissions

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You may not like it, but this is what enby performance looks like.

fantasy books are a lie

I've never met a mean dragon.

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