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I got a DMCA because my brain automatically selected the Deluge torrent client instead of Telegram. Round, blue icon.

Bummer, as I scheduled the vacation over a year in advance.

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I'm skipping Anthro NW this year. I don't feel confident in that kind of gathering just yet.

Aliens built every monument, people aren't smart enough to build.

You may find this odd, but I'm actually using a computer right now.

preferable substance

Especially when you just stand out on the porch, hearing a majestic canine go "AAAAAA" in the rain?

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What if we were in the same room...

...and had chamomile tea together? :blobfoxcofeowo:

Hello, this is the Lockpickinglawyer. Today we're going to skip bail by breaking out of jail.

How about we get together and burn some computers?

String theory is when I think real hard while badly playing the violin.

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