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No one knows that you mlem when you put on the mask.

re: TF trashposting 

I've ran nakedly through the forest, attempting to shit-talk fae. So far, this too has been to no avail.

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TF trashposting 

I've gone around to all of the museums in town, touching all of the weird idols and artifacts that I could find. Nothing cool happened, and now I'm banned from all of the museums in the Puget Sound area.

When your computer thinks so hard, you can smell it.

Fiddlesticks, gosh darn it all to heck, I tell ya. I am very done with all of this horseradish.

Teacher, 1998: "Don't say your real name on the internet."

Me, 2021: "DD is my real name."

Urgh, the ZIF socket impression is too deep for the SID chip's pins. Time to undo this nice solder job and put the SID directly on the replica board.

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I fixed a Commodore. Can't wait for it to break again.

the future of the internet is using four different chat protocols

I have conquered the area behind the media shelf. Well, one of them.

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Hello, my name is DD. I am logged in and ready to get weird.

I've heard people mention Rat Kings, but who are the Rat Queens?

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