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Nobody else is allowed to have a fursona matching any of these criteria:

purple eyeliner
a wolf
cyber colors

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If someone gives you shit for your gender, just remember:

they're enbious of your style.

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Sorry Ms. Jackson (woo),
I am for real.
Never meant to make your daughter cry,
I'm made of fur and not a guy.

It has been seven days since this household has tripped a circuit.

I wonder how my middle school goth friends are doing.

I have too many computers and not enough desks.

All of my 80s computers own the desks.

I'm ready to attain the assets of Internet Service Providers.

It's cool how we can throw robots at astronomically distant rocks.

TBH I'mma keep wearing masks well after this is said and done.

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Me, wearing a mask: "I wonder why I haven't caught a cold this whole year so far."

Well, I'm pretty much replacing everything on my Nexus 5X except for the motherboard. It's almost the phone of Theseus.

BIOS wifi device whitelists are BS and I'm glad that coreboot does away with them.

If you wanna be my lover, first you gotta write your bio.

I can't believe that I have a fully-functioning computer.

I like how there's a Ziply Fiber gigabit internet ad on a billboard nearby, but they offer a maximum of 6mbit/s DSL on this block.

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