heyyyy how's it going y'all i just logged on and WWWHHHHOOOAAA

GOAL HIT, these pins are getting made! Stay tuned, I'll be announcing stretch goals a little later today! In the meantime, let's keep up this momentum!


OKAY IT'S OFFICIALLY LATER. Let's talk stretch goals! I've got a bunch of neat bonus pin designs planned, starting with T.F. JUICE! This mysterious flask's contents glow in the dark... but it's probably totally safe to drink. Probably. Perfect for mad science enthusiasts and the morphologically mutable... and if our campaign hits $2,600, they can be yours!


The T.F. JUICE pin will be an option on the end-of-campaign backers' survey, so all current and future backers will be able to pick which pins they'd like to nab. If you've already backed and you want this pin as well, you can bump your pledge up a tier, super easy!


We're already over halfway towards meeting our goal for T.F. JUICE, and I have three other pin designs planned for higher stretch goal tiers! This campaign may be funded, but it's not over, so keep monologuing about it to all your friends and foes! #queervillainpride πŸ’—πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ–€


GREAT NEWS: we blasted through our first stretch goal last night, meaning the T.F. JUICE pins will be available to all backers! And that means I get to reveal our second stretch goal pin design!

If we hit $3,200, I'll be making this GAY GERMS pin design available! Featuring sparkly pink enamel and bold magenta dyed metal. Infectious AND adorable! kickstarter.com/projects/irisj #qvp


@distressedegg had mixed feelings bumping it to 70 πŸ˜”

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