Going live to draw some genasi pals!

i'm trying to get affiliate so even if you just drop by to say hi and follow it really helps!

food, cartoon horses 

This is making me insane with cackling hyena laughter and I CANT FIND where the original audio came from

“mention of gamers” is the funniest cw I’ve ever seen

Nobody told me that the hyena was in Birds of Prey I’m watching that shit Tonight

i'm here to kick ass and do many other things, and i'm mostly occupied with the other things, but i might be able to pencil you in for an ass kicking at some point next month

actually i just realized that sometimes women are also portrayed this way

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if humans were portrayed the way talking animals were:

Welcome to Human Town! Everyone here is a human. Come get in the primatemobile (the car's side mirrors are shaped like human ears and the headlights are shaped like eyes). Over there is the human grocery store and the post office for humans. Our culture is nothing to "ape" about! ha ha, get it? Come meet my lovely human wife in my "Home sapien."

when you have a hard time dealing with compliments so you just bluescreen

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