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Watch out it’s the choo choo crew 🚂
I submitted these to the NADDPod shop, but in the meantime you can get a print here if you want!

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Commissions Open! talk of surgery 

Any money I get from commissions will go to either:
- electrolysis and tiddy surgery
- new clothes that actually fit well
pay me to draw a thing so I can transition better pls c:

I have a in my bio or you can DM me!

re: alch 

Broke: who wears the pants in the relationship?
Bespoke: who is the bartender in the relationship?

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re: alch 

vy has cut me off and she's not even the bartender in the relationship, that's me!! I mix the drinks around here!

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i'm Drunk and I just wanna fuck around with some friends and some videoed games

drinekink writing 

an idea for an x82 card game just appeared in my head and it refuses to leave

according to start trek tng, pretty much every culture throughout the universe has decided that silk pajamas are the final evolution of clothing. and really, who's to say they're wrong?

Learned that Princess Zelda was named after Zelda Fitzgerald and got inspired to draw a flapper dress

if you aren't being gay at four in the morning, you aren't really being gay

don't need cable or streaming if you spend your evenings in voice call drawing new and frightening kinds of clowns for your friends

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more CR bs 

broke: Yasha is trans because tall

woke: Veth is trans because her transmutation arc was a metaphor

bespoke: the entire M9 are trans, that's why they started hanging out with eachother

Someone better at programming than me should make a “gnc af” bot

Damn girl, that top makes your tiddties look gnc as fuck

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Signal boost of indigenous reparations nonprofit

the Purim event I went to tonight supports Real Rent Duwamish, who are asking settlers on Duwamish land (Seattle and some of its suburbs) to pay rent to the tribe.

The idea rattled my white-passing privilege hard enough that I thought it was worth passing on to anyone on fedi who has spare money.

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