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some folks sure do spend an awful lot of time and effort trying to convince themselves and others that shitposting has some sinister ulterior motive and isn't simply some peoples' way of distracting themselves from the shitscape reality we're all stuck in

one time i got all the way through character creation in a tabletop game with a bard who died years ago but channels the adoration from his fans as a form of prayer to retain his form and weave energy into devastating magic attacks

but then the DM noticed me writing the character name "spellvis" and i had to start over

@ItsMorgan the president of the united states canonically keeps a picture of sonic the hedgehog on his desk in the oval office

Every article I've skimmed thus far about making a visual novel: don't make too many decision branches, do you hear me, do you understand what scope creep is and how quickly you will be in over your head please start small
Me: 😌😌😌900 if/then statements in order to kiss OCs💗

just saw "leave your bigotry at the door" in some instance rules. is this a coat check. do they give it back to you when you leave

People who use pictures of their face as their discord icon scare the shit out of me

if you were gonna try to bang, or marry, a ghost

whomst's ghost would you wanna bang or marry?

"women and enbies"
[puts on the they live glasses]
"women and also people i view as women"

me discovering a broad term for gender nonconformity: this whips!

me seeing the term get reduced to "people who appear non masculine": what the!!

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Will I stave off the depresso long enough to work on art today?
Much to think about.

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