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Watch out it’s the choo choo crew 🚂
I submitted these to the NADDPod shop, but in the meantime you can get a print here if you want!

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Commissions Open! talk of surgery 

Any money I get from commissions will go to either:
- electrolysis and tiddy surgery
- new clothes that actually fit well
pay me to draw a thing so I can transition better pls c:

I have a in my bio or you can DM me!

It is the duty of any good DM to think up new types of guys

powerful, sexy, going to destroy the world-- i'm the complete package

I am adding…
and compiling…
I’m transforming…
and composing…


is ben garrison the only political cartoonist in history who has more fans on the opposite side of the aisle than on his own

Now that the masc mandate is ending are we going to get a femme mandate?

Selfie, eye contact 

Color outside the lines.

Can I call this #FineFemmeFriday ? Whose going to stop me? Happy Friday friends.

Vanilla ice cream cones with sprinkles are highly erotic

I will not be elaborating

lewd; bad 

It’s ok bro it’s not gay if you fuck me dude I’m like super fruity so it doesn’t count

I have one friend who is a writer though and I don’t want to break it to her that she’s a college of eloquence bard

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I think it would be fun to assign my friends an rpg class based on their hobbies or jobs

I could offer them as commissions too,

Drawing kissing is difficult and it makes me want to draw all of my OCs making out

sitcom with a femboy who everyone's like "okay I know he's slutty but I'm not gonna fuck hi — aw, fuck, I'm accidentally fucking him"

Not to be a shipper on main, but last week I woke up at 4am and could not stop the yearning feeling until this was out of me

Hey is it me or are all the nonbinary emojis,, kinda hot 😳

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