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Commissions Open! talk of surgery 

Any money I get from commissions will go to either:
- electrolysis and tiddy surgery
- new clothes that actually fit well
pay me to draw a thing so I can transition better pls c:

I have a in my bio or you can DM me!

I’m gonna draw them later, I took notes while I was still half asleep, I’m sure they’re good and coherent

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hypnokink trashpost 

hey adults! have you tried the new toaster pastry that's guaranteed to get you gone every morning? boot your mind out of your way with captivating spiral icing and four delicious flavors: classic Hypnoberry, Strawberry Bimbo Blast, Puppet Purple, and new Catnip & Cream! start your day off right with Drop Tarts!

Dreamed about cool sexy plant symbiotes and now I can’t think about anything except cool sexy plant symbiotes

- queer spaces 

The only non-binary people within 100 miles are me and two people who I play board games with on the weekends

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- queer spaces 

how do I constantly feel like I’m too queer for the queer spaces around here?
I’ve never been to an in-person group explicitly for queer folks that didn’t make me feel ostracized within a few hours

Just realized it’s cold enough outside to wear my cat ear headband

Hell yea

gender, dumb queer posting 

Oh man, you're still wearing the gender your parents gave you?
Cringe, bro.

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revised "killer-ginger-scientist" venn diagram of women i am gay for WIP

*griffin mcelroy with the electronic marquee sign*


Should I stream Space Channel Five?
(I have never played Space Channel Five)

oh yeah? if France is so cool, how come there’s no Double F—

streaming, Sleepaway aka Crying and Campfires 

The player characters! I tried to mimic the art style of the book. I think I did alright :3

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