Lewd question for reader 

Would you, could you, smash my 'sona's gf? :3

(Art by thexainy on Twitter and zukraai/wayers on FA)

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Lewd question for reader 

Would, you, could you, smash my 'sona? 😜​ 😘​

(art by asuriurn on Twitter)

This is what I like to imagine my fursona feels like.

And lastly, here's Spirit! Unfortunately, the only art of him is the original ref, and I haven't done any character development with him.

I won't list the artist for this piece for reason's you'd need to DM me to find out.

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This is Kaliska! She's the first character I adopted. I've only commissioned one piece featuring her, but she came with loads of art since I am her third owner.

She is very flirty and sassy, and has a hard time being serious when she needs to be. She loves strength training and sparring (and in fact is the person who got Dipole into sparring) as well as showing off her body and her abilities.

Art by @Kafei-Toytle@deviantart.com, @tohrufusky@twitter.com, @wolfroxy@deviantart.com, and @lumaberry@furaffinity.net

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I've also adopted a few characters! This is Chloe. She's the most recent character I adopted. The first art I commissioned of her was of her and Dipole hanging out, and a bunch of people thought they were a couple, so I made it so! Fun fact: I didn't decide on a name for her until halfway through her third artpiece being made.

She's very shy but loves to hang out and cuddle up with her friends. Being an otter, she also loves swimming.

Art by @wayers@furaffinity.net, @booblesfennec@twitter.com, and @thexainy@twitter.com

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This is my fursona, Dipole! He's a domestic cat and a powerful wizard. He could probably end worlds, but he'd rather use his magic for party tricks. He's very playful, but tends to follow his friends' leads when doing stuff since he's worried about hurting them (physically or emotionally).

As you might be able to tell from the pics below, he loves water and swimming! He also likes sparring with his friends.

Art by @asuriurn@twitter.com, @asuriurn@twitter.com again, @renae_bouncecat@twitter.com, and @nightsabra@twitter.com

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