i bought this character a few years ago but i never use her anymore. would anyone like her? free! as long as you promise to do something with her! she's a yeen but could be a wild dog (that's what i decided to make her into). there's more art too!

@reaux Sure! Her design makes me think she'd be a good foil to my 'sona. Does she have a name?

@dipolecat her name is splash! but this can be changed :)

@dipolecat it suits her! here is the FA page with all the other art: furaffinity.net/user/splashyen - i have the login saved somewhere, i just gotta find it and i can hand it over. i never did anything with it

@reaux Thank you! That's an awful lot of art to give away for free. Are you sure you don't want anything for her?

@dipolecat if you'd like to send me a couple bucks i won't complain! ko-fi.com/reauxpudu :) but no obligation!

@dipolecat thank you so much!!!! i have some art i've drawn of her too that's not on that page, i'll send it your way :)

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