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@InspectorCaracal I've seen you around, but I admit I've never looked up what a caracal looks like… Turns out, they can be pretty cool/adorable 🙂​

CW: caracal vet checkup (nothing worrisome shown). Source:

I'm amused how 's banner for the browser extension shows as a mere frisbee-like object played with between and Nellie the narwhal. Source:

Anyone know of a good free #email provider I can trust, that allows #IMAP? ProtonMail looks great, I actually have a couple of accounts with them, but they *only* have webmail, and I don't really need the fancy encryption stuff.

re: ADB screen resolution changes, Ingress retiring Scanner [Redacted] 

(…yes, I'm still somewhat miffed by Scanner [Redacted] shutting down September 30th, 12 am Pacific time. At least this lets me continue playing with ~38°C internal temperature on Prime instead of 43°C+. For comparison, my Nexus 6 runs classic Ingress around 35°C at full resolution.)

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Got an older device that can't play the latest games, e.g. Prime? You can reduce your screen resolution with for more , no root needed!

If you do have , Screen Shift will do this on device:

These boots were fabricated for locomotion.

A panel of peers have confirmed this capacity.

And forecasts predict these boots may steppy all over you.

So I asked the GPT-2 text generation AI about paws… 

I put the following into the GPT-2 text language model at :

Do you like paws?

And I think I've found a lover.

Paws are cool! Paws will always find me the sweetest thing.

The thing about our dog, we all love him right?

Ohh. We definitely love him. He's our best friend…

Paws are cool! You're going to love being pawed!

Watch out for 🦊​🐾​ coming your way!

(Putting in just the above two emoji generated full song lyrics about… letting a child know the future is all gone. Well.)

@conatus I'm hardly one to talk, but:

1. Timeblock. Set aside time to do The Thing. And during that time, Do The Thing.

2. Chunk. Figure out what The Thing consists of, and then itemise and do the Things, one at a time.

3. Distract. Find something even more tedious and assign yourself to do that. Procrastinate by Doing the Thing.

4. Fill. Make The Thing what you do in downtime from other tasks.

5. Partner. Find someone to GENTLY guide you back to Doing The Thing.



MH (-): Mental Health (negative), selfish, Golden Rule distorted 

When they taught the Golden Rule, they should've put as much emphasis on "don't burn yourself out hoping someone will do for you what you're actively doing for others."

Sometimes people are in tough situations or dealing with other problems and you might be one of the few that can still reach them. It'd be a disservice to them if you voluntarily push yourself to the breaking point, resulting in lashing out against them and burning their lifeline. Life's not tit-for-tat; if you find yourself desperate for favors in return, you probably need to step away and isolate yourself from the situation until your emotions cool.

…apparently the way I can give advice to myself is to pretend I'm telling someone else.

(Not subtoot, nobody's responsible for this except for me.)

Socks/paw meta question 

@quarky I'm curious, and a bit confused: what are socks in the context of glaceons and such? Is it the color difference around the paws?

If it's out of place to ask, you'd rather not elaborate, etc, I respect that.

(…if it is the fur pattern, and it's not a hassle to check, would you say this data-fox has socks?)

Social energy cost, anxiety, low energy hanging out, and macro/micro interaction (meta) 

The power of imagination leads to many wonderful sorts of emotionally meaningful interactions, especially in the realm of varying size, where one can offer another a "pick me up" in both meanings of the word, envelop another in an embrace when they feel scared, offer a shoulder to sit atop while they work, etc.

Unfortunately, it's more difficult (for me at least) to capture the sense of low-energy relaxing, enjoying another's company, and such, without it requiring ongoing moderate effort from the narrators to depict the scene and one's own characters.

"Hey, mind if I read in your room while you're working on something?" may not require much from each other in person. But in fiction (including/especially / ), that's actually almost as intensive as actively interacting, or even more challenging for some folks.

I struggle with over taking too much of others' limited time; it's unfortunate that desiring something that would be simple in reality turns into something energy-intensive in fiction.

(Alternative: some strange fox wants to curl in someone's lap or rest hidden from the world under their foot/paw, worries about imposing on others, uses up others' time rambling about contradictory emotions instead.)

MH (~): Mental Health (mixed), giving vs. accepting encouragement 

One day I'll figure out how to speak positively to myself like I usually can for others.

Second person affirmation and encouragement (confidence/self-worth) 

You are adequate.

Strive to improve, but don't hate yourself when you don't (feel like) you measure up others.

You are part of a society; you don't have to be as good as everyone combined because you don't have to struggle alone.

Tech bit: Ansible/Salt reducing risk of nginx package break on Debian/Ubuntu 

Today I learned that if you insert an invalid configuration before nginx is installed, the package will fail to install since it can't start the service, thus breaking Debian/Ubuntu's until nginx's configuration is fixed.


To reduce the impact of accidental breakage in any configuration management (, , etc), make sure the nginx package is installed before you mess with the configuration.

@99CentSoftness I keep getting confused seeing your new icon in my Home stream… But in a nice way - I rather like it! 🦊 "The Weird World in RGB", 22m
Fascinating of human perception, CRI, and why "purple" is a lie (cc: @azure).

#actuallyAutistic folks

Who else feels like corporeality, as in having a physical meat body, kinda bites?

I feel like an alien driving around a meat robot, that takes a lot of precise maintenance and I have to do it right. I'd like to be a being of pure energy, or baring that, in a computer or robot that I can move around to different computers/robots if I wanted.

(just boost if you don't consider yourself autistic)

Long exposure of lightning over a volcano in Chile, by Francisco Negroni - looks amazing!
📷🔗​ Photographer:

by (CC: @azure )

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