@ziphi I love these kinds of detail views! So much engineering goes into tiny objects (both and natural and manufactured) that they can look like alien worlds…

(I've got a cheap-ish macro lens for my phone, but it's likely not as manageable as camera-mounted lens.)

Okay, I really want a lens like this for my DSLR. I love macro shots like this.

Image content warning: vivid colors in a repeating pattern

@ziphi Conveniently enough, I've generally found myself thinking on foxes when I don't know what people are talking about. It's not a far stretch to think of particular foxes, including yours truly - an adorable, fluffy specimen of the fuzzy triangular radar club =^.^=

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@Git Oof. Good luck with recovery! And this reminds me of the XKCD comic on pain rating…


(I used to rate my pain fairly low, until I was advised that 0-4 is for intermittent pain, and 5-10 is when it's continuous. Now I usually wind up saying 5, maybe 6 for such things.)

A lot of people who want to learn art give up very quickly, believing they don't have the ability to learn.

Talent is a lie though. It doesn't exist.

Sometimes people will try and not learn as quickly as they think they should. Yet nobody would pick up a violin and expect to learn to play all on their own without anyone or anything to guide them. There are scales and techniques to practice.

For art, this involves re-learning how to see things, so you can form specifics about the shape, rather than just creating a symbol of it in your mind. And this involves developing the coordination for mark making. And how to construct shapes so they look like something.

It's no wonder people get frustrated and give up when they try to figure out the entire history of art on their own.

Use some resources and learn! I promise it's a lot more effective to practice *well* than to just hope that scribbling on paper will make you better.

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"When product begins spreading, WALK over the application area at a NORMAL WALKING PACE. (6 seconds for a 25' strip, or 12 seconds for a 50' strip)." -- lawn care product label

I find this emphasized definition of "normal pace" more amusing than I probably should.

@albert @ciaby @slightlyflightyone Though more technical, review.lineageos.org/ has an admittedly-overwhelming amount of detail on what's currently being done. XDA forums may have updates on support for specific devices.

Last I recall, LOS is doing some refactoring work on code inherited from CyanogenMod (CMHW now LineageHW), intending to make it less prone to breaking with future Android updates. I saw this summarized on Reddit, but it might've been mentioned elsewhere.

@Azure Alright! I'm glad to say at least that will probably be addressed over time in Q, with the pressure of developers looking out of place next to the apps supporting the official dark theme API switch. Many of the Google apps have been adding support over the past months.

@Azure Are you referring to the "not true black" nature of Pie's dark mode, or the coverage, that it doesn't yet affect apps?

(Android Q will be the first time there's a user-facing option, and where Google's implemented app support, where apps provide the values-dark XML resources, etc. Why it took them this long, I have no earthly clue - they merely did something very close to what LineageOS already did in Oreo: reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comment Though LOS has a true black option too.)

@rey Ooh, this seems like an awesome project! Best of luck!

And, yep. I've recently gotten some similar LEDs, and even a mere 10 amps for 10 meters has quickly reinforced the concept of voltage loss. For 30 amps? Hope you've got low gauge cables ^^

@ziphi To me, that face shouts "I just want love…" Goodness what happened.

@Azure Welcome to the world of FLASH! I'm glad to see you join this side 🦊💽 (emoji still need to catch up)

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@Austin_Dern …now I'm curious what this might be. But there's no obligation to share!

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