@RainierBeringer I'm still amused YouTube surveyed me about the video quality of that upload a while back… Yes, it was "Absolutely outstanding."


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@Azure At least to me, rolling the r's like this helps underscore my imagination of one's facial expressions, akin to detailing the quirking and maneuvering of one's ears… I tend to think more about entire body posture, face included (possibly because I have to pay close attention in real life to try to pick up on social cues).

So, yes, I am in favor of this.

@Azure Out of curiosity, have you tried the inverse - multiple keyboards hooked up to a single machine? wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/M

I've only played with it twice, long ago, but it felt /so cool/. And despite the name, it's multi-pointer *and* multi-keyboard.

@espectalll @PepVerbsNouns Seeing that new update took me by surprise - I did some looking around to make sure the app wasn't bought out or something. Usually nice to see old software given new fixes/features πŸ™‚β€‹

@Azure You /can/ change NOOBS to boot to console by default, 'sudo raspi-config' in terminal. It just changes some systemd and login settings, github.com/RPi-Distro/raspi-co

Agreed on the Wi-Fi issue. Being lighter weight than NetworkManager doesn't excuse a lack of UTF-8 πŸ’’β€‹ WPA2 Enterprise is also annoyingly missed, requiring configuration editing.

@vfrmedia @astraluma @V HOPE 2016 had an excellent presentation on this: youtube.com/watch?v=a9b9IYqsb_

"Howard Payne & Deviant Ollam - This Key is Your Key, This Key is My Key", 52m

@Azure @fluffy To be fair, though I saw the original TRON, it was long enough ago I don't remember the soundtrack. I should listen to it again.

And I know we have different musical tastes - e.g. I liked the low frequency elements in Legacy :)

@Azure …tellingly, until now I forgot I saw this movie. And it was one of the few 3D/stereographic films I've gone to.

Forgettable or not, I do agree with @fluffy , I liked the soundtrack.

@ziphi Heading into the final week of the college semester, wrapping stuff up (and trying to not leave things behind) :moz_weary_fox:​​

But on the plus side, my Senior Design team's project has come along well, even put things in 3D printed enclosures. Just got all the presentation/demo/report/etc left.

@elidupree I first misread this as a porch/backyard deck building game, so each card in the game represented a certain porch/deck…

@Azure Agreed.

Though given the SafetyNet hassle on Android, I am a little concerned Google's just biding their time while people upgrade devices until it's feasible to roll out Widevine DRM on all YouTube videos, not just "premium" content. I hope I'm wrong.

@earfolds @Azure In a sense, Google's compliance with the lawsuit made it easier to grab the full image (if you know about right-click)..? If so, that's some delightful irony.

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@Azure A good idea, here and in general, too. I'm still learning the nuances of how classical conditioning applies to people, disguised by layers of social norms.

@ziphi I've done a similar trick with some digital art - where appropriate, blur/soften things. Turn your limitations into stylistic design choices πŸ™ƒβ€‹

And this seems like a good start to me!

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