@espectalll I love Technology Connection's videos - educational, good quality, and lightly snarky :)

I'm telling you, you're going to miss CDs. Meanwhile have this video explaining every CD standard ever made 💿 :blobcat: youtube.com/watch?v=TCTWyNstpD

@arilin …I admit, that actually sounds good to me? >.>

@quarky @Azure If you haven't seen it yet, I'd suggest compliance.conversations.im/ to get an idea of what servers work well for modern mobile chat, alongside a few other good XEPs to have.

As to bridging, though I haven't tried it, Matterbridge ( github.com/42wim/matterbridge ) looks interesting, not sure of public servers, though. (I'm in the IRC camp, admittedly, with Bitlbee as my bridge.)

@rey Perhaps @Ambassador is just adjusting to licks from vulpine.club critters now having more affectionate/positive intent behind it..?

@kaniini @rey Oh nice, thank you for the clarification, and props to the folks who did the work to get it accepted!

Forced Content Warnings always felt somewhat hack-ish.

@rey Now that it's significantly larger than the 500 default, you might want to set up a forced Content Warning for extra long posts, unless stock Mastodon supports automatic long message collapsing nowadays, too.

(I think Tusky is/was recently adding support for that, not sure about other third-party clients.)

@srol @Azure If you're on Android, there's the open-source andOTP app: github.com/andOTP/andOTP

It supports doing 2FA backups and restores with password encryption or OpenPGP (via OpenKeychain). The latter means you could do something special to make the backup harder to steal (e.g. store your keys on an NFC PGP smart card), but still have them be restorable.

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@ziphi G'night, rest well. Try to not be down on yourself for not accomplishing all that you hoped. There's more time.

*Politely offers a fluffy hug of voluminous vulpine variety, enough to hide from the world for a while among soft, snug warmth, if desired*

@ziphi @rey One idea: Every character you use in a new toot/rawr deletes that character from the most recent past toots/rawrs.

Most recent: "foxes yip!"
New negative toot: "foxy"
Most recent is now: "es ip!"

At some point, you won't have any characters, so you'll have to wait for a positive post length limit to build up more…

@ziphi I suppose @rey could be exerting vulpine Chaos Control as kitty admin. "It's no use!"

…wait, you're not actually going to have a process randomly modify the Mastodon post limit by ± 10 characters or so, are you? >.>

(Not serious idea; that'd probably break on anyone logged in/third-party clients.)

@Remmyzilla Remembering can be hard no matter one's size! Also welcome back~ 🦊​

@rey @ziphi I'm thinking the same thing…

Several times I've carefully tuned my slightly-too-long rawrs to fit in exactly the length limit of 500 characters.. and now 666 characters (make that 667).

Similar with IRC - I've gotten a decent idea of the message-splitting boundary and generally manually split 🙃​

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