Art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly footpaw hugs, flip-flops, pun 

Introducing... Ryden (pronounced "Raiden" or "Ride-in[side]").

Simplify your life, save on car insurance, enjoy more quality time with your larger friends, and make commuting fun again with Ryden, a revolutionary ride-sharing service where our customers are our focus. Coming soon to a near you.

Note: for your safety, please inform your designated driver of any limitations to your structural integrity before entering stop-and-go traffic. Ryden cannot be held responsible for flattening resulting from repetitive high-intensity acceleration and braking.

Featuring the looming lupine Hank, a big, friendly grey , with this data- tucked in his .

/ . Full quality and details here:

Art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly footpaw hugs, pun 

Ever want to hang out with folks, but can't find the time? Worry no more, for with friends in high places, there's ample spaces down below - such as Hank here taking myself along with him to , letting the little data- join in under , being together without interrupting. Hence, "Coroutines", a form of cooperative multi-tasking.

Featuring the looming lupine Hank, a big, friendly grey .

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Gift art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly snout hugs, point-of-view/perspective 

When obstacles seem insurmountable, you need a bigger companion to see you through them. In the heat of the summer, this tiny speck of a blue has taken a break atop the cool, black oasis of belonging to this mountainous expanse of . It's a sensible way to .

Featuring / drawn by the lovely 'lil wuff, Alef – and

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Opinion on complimenting others' artwork while avoiding self-deprecation 

Complimenting folks by saying their art is better than your own sets them up to feel bad when they see others' art that's better than their own.

I'm going to keep trying to not put my own down when I others.

Gift art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly sibling rivalry, playful chasing 

Better keep an eye on your younger siblings, they grow up so quickly.. especially when their 'big' brother is so much fun to chase and tease.

"When I told you to grow up big and strong, I didn't mean it literally!"

When you're adopted into a family of mischief-loving , you learn to fit in pretty quick! And I really do enjoy the role-reversal of a data-, myself, catching and playing with a data-predator, Azure... @_sharpLimefox kindly offered to do this piece of art a while back, and they worked with me every step of the way to get the wonderful final piece you see here (August 2019)! It's a challenging angle with a nice result.

Drawn by the awesome verdant vulpine, Lux Phifollen – @_sharpLimefox.

/ for . Full quality and details here: Artist submission here:

Gift art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly footpaw hugs, point-of-view/perspective 

Problems in life hovering over your head? Hauling around the weight of the world on your shoulders? Perhaps you ought seek a new perspective on your problems.. just like this little blue here. Come, rest at the foot of the mountain, relax in the soft blanket of fur, revel in the warmth radiating from plush padding, and enter a new world, free from the stress outside. Moments like these last forever.

Featuring / drawn by the lovely 'lil wuff, Alef – and

/ for . Full quality and details here:

Art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly footpaw pokes, shrinking 

Dwindling away an impulsive sibling's size to encourage thinking through actions may quickly get out of hand… and under ! But don't worry, ever smaller isn't so bad when you've got a big, friendly little brother to look after you…

Featuring the brilliantly blue lightning-fox Azure.

/ for . Full quality, details and alternatives (no shrinking, no little fox) here:

NSFW Inktober art, cute/punny misdirection (not actually adult/mature) 

Paco over on FurAffinity ( ) has opted to do a series of "Not Safe For Work" doodles that involve adorable critters doing silly/foolish hazardous things at work, like those you see attached, making it a on the meaning of NSFW. Nothing actually adult/mature.

Source gallery/artist:

I adore this kind of misdirection πŸ™ƒβ€‹

This dossier details a classified Blappeture Mesa research project. The Enrichment Center would like to remind you of these mandatory safety and happiness guidelines:

1. Petting and patient discussion are encouraged. βš οΈβ€‹ Device size may vary.

2. The device will never threaten to bite you and, in fact, may hug you. Repeatedly. (With permission.)

3. The device is slow to respond. Your request will be processed.

details/full resolution/extra story:

@Yarideki Given your remarks on macrofauna, I think you might like some of the artwork here...

Lots of neat, giant creature art by Ariduka, who unfortunately recently deactivated their deviantArt.

Before then, I had even edited one of their drawings to try to match @Azure 's colors:
(No recompression: )


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