Gift art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly snout hugs, point-of-view/perspective 

20.04 LTS brings back a bigger, bolder default wallpaper! A is the focal point. Source:

(8K, non-watermarked version will be on Launchpad later.)

Gift art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly sibling rivalry, playful chasing shares why to be careful what you wish for - you might actually get it!

CC: @azure - if anyone ever remarks, "I dunno, I just thought you'd be more elemental/storm-like… or at least a lot taller"… :)

Gift art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly footpaw hugs, point-of-view/perspective 

@InspectorCaracal I've seen you around, but I admit I've never looked up what a caracal looks like… Turns out, they can be pretty cool/adorable 🙂​

CW: caracal vet checkup (nothing worrisome shown). Source:

I'm amused how 's banner for the browser extension shows as a mere frisbee-like object played with between and Nellie the narwhal. Source:

Long exposure of lightning over a volcano in Chile, by Francisco Negroni - looks amazing!
📷🔗​ Photographer:

by (CC: @azure )

The very last post I saw on .. was a Skyrim from I Shard .

I'll miss that place.

It's been a long time since I've let the magic smoke out of . However, I will never forget that unique smell…

(For the curious, it's an AP2112K-3.3TRG1, a 3.3v voltage regulator)

While looking up electrical substations, I was amused to find that some are disguised somewhat-convincingly as houses. Here's one in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
(Source: )

So I tried out the Mastodon profile directory. Kind of unsettling when you're the only one that opted into it…

(Directory: Opt-in here: )

Macro/micro, vore, wholesome/silly misinterpreting marketing 

Art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly footpaw pokes, shrinking 

I know the weather in Texas changes quickly, but even this caught me off guard. 129°F to 44°F in a single day..?

(Bugs in weather sources are fun. Program is "Weather Indicator", )

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