Darn. Looks like is Windows-only so far… 🙁​ As a fan of messing with perspective (hence / interests), if is supported later, I'm definitely getting this game.

@IceWolf …well, it's not even out yet 🙃​ But I'm not exactly keen on supporting Epic Games, either:

@digitalfox Oh, OK! Heh. 🙃

...bleh. Epic-made/published, or just on their store for a while?

@IceWolf It's by Pillow Castle games; I think they're just publishing using Epic Games' store for now. They may publish elsewhere in the future (and I'd rather wait to financially support this until I either see a Linux port as planned, or at least they're using a more Linux-friendly platform).

@digitalfox Ah, wonderful. Thanks! I've heard of the Epic store having a bunch of timed exclusives (branching elsewhere when the exclusivity ends), I'll definitely wait and buy once they move if they end up doing that, assuming I like the look of the game.

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