Uninformed grumbling on open-source synchronization: Nextcloud, Seafile, Syncthing on Linux and Android 

is reasonably simple to set up and maintain, has a full-featured web UI, but seems to have the worst synchronization options - no delta sync, slow performance with many small files, poor version history management, etc.

I've heard that is pretty good, and the feature set looks promising - it's akin to git, but optimized for large files, and has a full-featured web GUI, etc. However, my attempts to get it working so far involve either a convoluted setup process for bare-metal installs, or finagling with container images that appear to have some concerns (latent security updates, etc). Or I could build my own container images… which I aim to learn how to do anyways, but it's a lot to take on just to try it out.

looks like the most robust solution as far as the actual syncing goes… but the web UI is "roll your own" (i.e. none), it doesn't seem like there's a good way to support uploading a file without setting up a whole client, and there's not really any way to generate shared links (file drop for uploads, download links, etc).

(Syncthing + Nextcloud is an option, but even more moving parts?)

I'm trying to replace on and it feels like everything's a compromise 🙁​

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