wholesome domme 

scolding my subs when they don't practice self care bc that's mine take better care of it!!


wholesome domme (encouraging self care, examples: shrinking teasing reminders, Super Mario Odyssey race via Cappy) 

@Lady Indeed! I think this is underrated.

I'm not sure if the following count, so feel free to say so if not:

I have a furry friend who enjoys size-shifting shenanigans that I wound up playfully teasing into better habits, shrinking them whenever they stayed up too late at night to encourage them to get more rest lest they find themselves terribly tiny, struggling to see over the tops of my fluffy toes.

(This backfired a bit in a nice way when later they turned around and teased me about ensuring I eat enough food so their data-foxen 'prey' wasn't malnourished.)

And there's even a point in Super Mario Odyssey (an ice world of sorts) where Mario shows a resident they can achieve a racing challenge.. by throwing Cappy, taking control of the resident's body, going through the challenge, beating it, and returning control at the end, letting the resident receive the reward and encouragement.

Heck, if Nintendo can make positive domination/mind control acceptable to the mainstream…

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