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This dossier details a classified Blappeture Mesa research project. The Enrichment Center would like to remind you of these mandatory safety and happiness guidelines:

1. Petting and patient discussion are encouraged. βš οΈβ€‹ Device size may vary.

2. The device will never threaten to bite you and, in fact, may hug you. Repeatedly. (With permission.)

3. The device is slow to respond. Your request will be processed.

details/full resolution/extra story:

Mastodon meta, followers-only, imposter syndrome 

…I dunno why, but I often worry I shouldn't be allowed to read some followers-only statuses, even if folks explicitly approved me as one of their followers. The feeling of as if I'm invading privacy or such.

Is there an Imposter Syndrome variant for being follow approved? "Sun Super Time Lapse + No Rotation (10 Years in 42 Seconds)", by Kostack Studios, edited footage from NASA

It's surreal how the sun spots morph over time.
CC @Azure given the sun front/back side-by-side reminds one of Buttercup's eyes, perhaps.

MH (~): Mental Health, mixed - imposter syndrome, emotion versus logic 

I exist. Somehow.

And sometimes that's about all I feel I've accomplished.

Those feelings are ineffective, irrational, I know. Some nice folks say otherwise to me. But the doubts still pop up occasionally. "Color Maximite 2 - ARM CPU that runs BASIC!", 12m:24s, by The 8-bit Guy

A computer where interpreted BASIC is run as fast as assembler on e.g. the C64! The neatest part of the examples to me is being able to stop and edit fully playable complex games, no (re)compiling needed.

CC @Azure , I think you mentioned liking past computers where you could dig into the code more easily :)

Choose which one best describes you. Feel free to boost around and if one of my options doesn't fit you, try to choose the closest one and then tell me what you would have answered instead!

My fursona is:

GitHub has an Octocat creator and I am going to have to stop wasting time with it now

I dunno if I'll actually finish this one, but it feels good to have the flats done.

@praxis I saw one of your toots boosted into my timeline, and though I didn't have a reply to it specifically, I'd like to say your display name of "Certified Weighted Blanket" is awesome.

Politics, Black Lives Matter support 

I am in support of Black Lives Matter. And for that matter, trans rights. Mental health awareness. And so on.

I've not been outspoken on social media because my energy is going towards addressing this topic with relatives and friends known in person. I am easily overwhelmed (autism/social anxiety/limited spoons is *fun*), but I'm trying. I've also still got so much to learn.

Hey Mastodon! I'm looking for examples websites (blogs, news orgs, free software, etc.) that support direct donations via Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other methods for a project.

Please reply to this with links if you know any, and pls boost so I can get a bigger sample size.

Mildly disheartening to see the context-based Quick Replies feature in 9+ has grasped the potentially problematic norm of always being positive when someone asks how you are doing.

(Quasseldroid IRC merely opts into allowing Quick Replies; Android provides them. You can globally turn off Quick Replies.)

MH (~/-): mental health, mild negative 

I do wonder if there's anything I should have an opinion on beyond those shared with friends. It seems like a lot less friction with others to never have an opinion on anything.

(I'm also just a little burnt out from.. World and Things.)
An excellent article on Maxis Business Simulations, including SimRefinery, a serious oil refinery simulation game.. which you can now play for free, in your browser or to download!

Thanks to LGR for bringing this to my attention via "SimRefinery EXISTS! Let's play it!", 13m33s

CC @Austin_Dern and @RainierBeringer , you might like this!

Commenting your source code is important. But it's also important to have some fun, too: "Apollo 10 Source Code Listing: The Art of Commenting", 10m:26s

CC @Azure - I'm reminded of reading your comments :) "Living the dream with a self-playing SEGA Grand Piano", 8m51s
> "Yes, my ambition has finally become a reality. And all I had to do to make this happen was just to downsize my expectations a touch…"

(A piano properly sized for @Azure!)

Social media meta - avoiding burnout with lists, asserting no obligation to read everything 

Lists in and other software are useful. They're entirely private and under your control. If there's some folks who rarely post and easily get drowned out by what others say, add these low-frequency posters to a list, then peruse that when catching up.

On a related note, you are not obligated to read every status message. Content Warning or not, there should be no expectation to catch up to everyone's everything. You are not a bad sapient entity for missing some things. You will miss out on certain stuff, but that's okay.

Your personal health and energy matters. Don't burn yourself out; you'll probably get grumpy and might lash out or dislike yourself.

re: Holograms in chocolate - Mastodon meta 

Is the above an okay way to do hashtags, as in, am I bothering folks or breaking norms?

Some posts I want to be searchable because I've found something I think is cool that I want to share. It feels like spamming clutter to shove a bunch of tags at the end, but it also feels like I might come across as "social media marketing" blending them into the post itself.

(Maybe I want an "Extra Public" option that selectively makes the chosen toot full-text searchable and gives it a subtle "boost okay" indicator.)

Show thread "Holograms on chocolate", 16m47s, by Applied Science
molding to have a flat or even 3D colored , no ink added! is pretty awesome; I'll have to try this one day.

I imagine @Azure might find this fun as a creature of :)

Twitter protected accounts privacy meta amusement/sadness 

*Unchecks "Protect my Tweets", making all tweets public*

Twitter: sure thing, I'll do that instantly, no need to ask twice, auto-saved your choice.

*Checks "Protect my Tweets" again*

Twitter: Whoah whoah, hold up there! First you're going to have to acknowledge that "This will make them visible only to your Twitter followers."

Thanks. πŸ€”

Art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly footpaw hugs, flip-flops, pun 

Introducing... Ryden (pronounced "Raiden" or "Ride-in[side]").

Simplify your life, save on car insurance, enjoy more quality time with your larger friends, and make commuting fun again with Ryden, a revolutionary ride-sharing service where our customers are our focus. Coming soon to a near you.

Note: for your safety, please inform your designated driver of any limitations to your structural integrity before entering stop-and-go traffic. Ryden cannot be held responsible for flattening resulting from repetitive high-intensity acceleration and braking.

Featuring the looming lupine Hank, a big, friendly grey , with this data- tucked in his .

/ . Full quality and details here:

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