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This dossier details a classified Blappeture Mesa research project. The Enrichment Center would like to remind you of these mandatory safety and happiness guidelines:

1. Petting and patient discussion are encouraged. ⚠️​ Device size may vary.

2. The device will never threaten to bite you and, in fact, may hug you. Repeatedly. (With permission.)

3. The device is slow to respond. Your request will be processed.

details/full resolution/extra story:

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An asexual, autistic fox's interest in: macro/micro 

I've said I'm not sexually interested in the big and small, / , play, etc. The opposite, I find sex off-putting (but others are free to enjoy what they want).

So.. what about size *does* appeal to this , fox?

If you're familiar with The Magic School Bus and Clifford the Big Red Dog, combine those.

To me, with great size comes great responsibility.. and inversely, with small size comes reduced responsibility. When I'm large, I lean into my protectiveness for others, e.g. scooping someone up to guard them from the world outside, to lift some of the weight that's on their shoulders.

That said, I do like to non-harmfully tease, affectionately roughhousing, focusing the tiny critter's attention on the moment, distracting from the concerns of the world beyond. I won't talk down to them, but I will press down on them and show them I've got them.

Inversely, when I'm small, I appreciate having a place where it's okay to be overwhelmed, where failure to take charge is expected and without bad consequence. Take what I said before and flip the roles around.

I'm also fascinated by the science of size, of a tiny in a gigantic world (e.g. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) or a giant navigating a normal world.

re: Weird hivemind + macro/micro + friendly paw smush art idea ramble: desire for one's time without taking up one's time 

So.. the notion I've got stuck in my head is thusly:

Mystery sitting at a park bench, talking with others - thus, no worry of me taking up any of their time.

But this is shown from a low-angle under bench perspective behind that sitting cross fox, revealing this data-fox nicely pressed inside their flip-flop.. right alongside another smaller Mystery that's hugging and having a conversation with this data-fox while also squeezed under the bigger Mystery's footpaw.

Thus, I have Mystery's full attention (from the small Mystery inside the foxpaw flip-flop sandwich with me) while I'm also hidden from general sight and not interrupting Mystery's time with others (for the normal-sized Mystery wearing said flip-flops and talking with others).

I said it was weird, okay? >.>';


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Weird hivemind + macro/micro + friendly paw smush art idea ramble: desire for one's time without taking up one's time 

There's this weird art idea I've had in mind that's specific to someone with a distributed/"hive" mind. One that can simultaneously be in 2+ parallel, independent minds but choose to share thoughts and emotions among all of themselves that participate.

It surfaces from two conflicting desires I intensely feel - the desire for someone to give me all of their time, and the intense worry about/from taking up all of said person's time - even if they reassure me!

So if they can be alive twice at the same time, I can have both, right?

And, well…

I say "someone", but because my feelings are fickle, there's a particular bipedal synthetic fox sibling to this data-fox that comes to mind. Let us call them "Mystery." That is a draft name, but it's stayed so far. Cross fox (mix of red and silver fox), blue scarf, and.. not much else.

(Aside: I've thought about it and I don't feel like "Mystery" represents any part of myself. If anything, it's an amalgamation of me missing my actual sister and roleplay plans from someone else.)

Now, to further narrow the audience for this art, I like being firmly held and stepped on (think of the "squish that cat" video but even more so)…


@arilin I think you might appreciate this:
(Also: - not yet live?)
> "Inspired by a brush with an inscrutable but no doubt revenue-positive New York City Traffic Regulation, I created my own set of ticketable offenses with which designers could return the favor, or at least have a convincing prop to flash around when they detect typographic trouble."

More photos at

I'm not sure if it comes in XL size, but it's sure to leave an impression if so.

Nintendo is shutting down its Image Share service for the 3DS and WIi U on October 25, so I've been working on my free and open-source alternative, which doesn't require any homebrew modding.

It was already better than Nintendo's web app, but now it has a shiny new logo and a few minor fixes!

One of my favorite parts of returning after a longer trip:
50+ pounds of weighted blanket wonderfulness atop my bed.

(I usually don't pack the weighted blankets because they're bulky, unwieldy, and heavy. Good attributes for burying myself beneath them to help calm down, but not so good for transportation.)

By now, 50-ish lbs feels normal to me. Anything lighter is like floating, and something substantially heavier feels like an actual hefty blanket.

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For my sensory situation (autism, partial hypersensitivity, social anxiety), weighted blankets are probably one of the biggest straightforward things I've found to help me.

I appreciate those who have supported this, directly, or even by simply expressing things that encourage or reinforce heavy, tight, and potentially oversized (macro/micro) embraces.

(I do acknowledge that this is not for everyone. That's okay!)

General shout out to awesome kink artists who use descriptive CWs so I can decide whether a piece is intended for me as an audience if I'm not interested in that thing. Even if it's not my thing I can decide to open and appreciate the artistry!

Request for other artists please to use more descriptive CWs than 'nsfw' in specialized artwork.

addendum: why a smart thermostat?, re: ecobee 

> "Why get a smart thermostat?"

* HVAC runtime data is useful for early detection of problems and better optimizing heat pump operation (especially expensive auxiliary heat).

Seriously, look at the "Try a demo" button on (no account needed for the demo). For a data-fox who loves data, this is candy.

* Sometimes one forgets to adjust the thermostat before leaving. It's useful to check/adjust remotely.

* Refining a schedule on a standard ("stand in front of" only) programmable thermostat can be a pain.

> "Why not implement your own thermostat with Home Assistant / a Raspberry Pi / etc?"

* I'd be the only one in the household able to fix it if anything went wrong.

I seriously looked into this a few years ago, thinking I'd make a smart thermostat for a shared apartment. It quickly spiraled out of control in complexity, and if I'm just recreating existing solutions in scope but in a less refined way, I'd have to decide if I really want that learning opportunity.

* Modern digital thermostats have more complex algorithms around predicting heat/cool times with weather impact, balancing longer efficient equipment cycles with maintaining comfort, etc.

It's not just a "if above setpoint by 0.5°, cool until below by 0.5°."

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ecobee smart thermostat annoyances - design vs practicality 

After my father sponsored me upgrading his home thermostat…

I don't get the ecobee thermostat design.

Asides from an emphasis on visual appearance (early LCD thermostats could look clunky), why would one design a thermostat in such a way that the heat it generates when running gets added to (and has to be subtracted in software from) the sensor it uses to measure the temperature‽

Having drafts nearby (e.g. ceiling fan) causes the thermostat to read multiple degrees colder because the moving air cools the thermostat down, working against the built-in software compensation for how much heat it generates in still air. There's a temperature offset feature, but that doesn't help if a ceiling fan/etc is only on part of the time.

I've heard support may offer a free battery-operated remote temperature sensor to place somewhere near the thermostat, but that feels.. wrong.

beestat is 50+% of why I care at all about ecobee. Another part is the HVAC customization.

ecobee may be my choice depending on context.

(I have negatives for other smart thermostat options, too, including the local API Radio Thermostat, Google's Nest series, and the legacy Honeywell and modern Resideo Honeywell Home WiFi thermostats…)

Refrigerator maintenance:

Tip #1: Vacuum out the dust underneath your refrigerator (if you have one), especially if it's not keeping cool.

Tip #2: If your vacuum has an exhaust (blow/output) port, connecting the tube to that can help blow dust off areas that the suction won't clean.

Tip #3: Cover everything nearby that you don't want dust on if you use the exhaust port.

(Thankfully, the food was put away, but now all of a friend's kitchen appliances have a nice layer of dust… Oops.)

Weighted blanket/"deep touch pressure" sensory rambling, foot/steps 

Whenever I go without my weighted blankets for several days (e.g. due to travel restriction - visiting some folks), I might not directly miss their heft at first, but I think it becomes evident with how much I find myself thinking about being (nonharmfully) smushed.

Like the "squish that cat" video, and in a way that's pleasant for both sides, and/or one that doesn't demand much effort from the provider. Given social anxiety, I don't wanna impede other things that whomever is doing the squishing might otherwise be doing.

The very thing that makes weighted blankets appealing - the weight - is what makes them difficult to pack in small spaces. Maybe there's a water-filled blanket variant?

I've also just been worn out, so I've not been able to respond to some folks who have kindly offered to fictionally squeeze this data-fox as much as they feel comfortable doing. (Thanks.)

So, um, don't mind me (but do say if I bother you). Just.. idly observing folks' natural means of distributing their body's weight into the floor when they engage in ambulation, then imagining experiencing the changes in force over time within those regions of impact.

(This is not specific to stepping on a tiny fox, but that does come to mind a lot.)

Feeling at social capacity - not asking to back off, merely lower expectations 

With ongoing matters (family/job hunting/etc), I feel I'm near the limit of my diminished social energy.

I do still appreciate comments and such, and I'm not trying to subpost anyone into backing off.

(I will continue aiming to be upfront if/when I'm overwhelmed so nobody has to guess. And if I say otherwise, don't worry, I might not need as much energy to talk with you.)

I just don't want to disappoint those who are hoping for deeper friendships when they talk with me. I let someone down several months ago, and I don't want to do that with others, too. Please don't take it personally if I put some matters on pause.

I hope to rebuild myself back to the levels of social energy I used to have (I miss it). I'm trying different things, but I don't yet know when I will return to normal.

Recursive Vore 

When dealing with beings of chaos like Zilvok and Hif, Balter finds out that everyone gets a taste of the action, again and again and again...

Comm for @eMander featuring his Zilvok
Hif and Balter belong to me

#Furry #FurryArt #Vore #Recursion

I'm mildly disappointed that whomever bought "" this year did not deploy anything for August 8th.

(It's currently just Namecheap's parking page, which breaks due to .day having preloaded HSTS. I noticed this back in …)

Executive dysfunction, benefit to weighted blankets, macro/micro being pinned 

Another's remarks on executive dysfunctioning got me thinking about my experience with it, and why I like being pinned down by excessive (though still safe) weighted blankets, or oversized friends.

Big, hefty weighted blankets not only provide a way to feel firmly held even when physically apart, but it helps calm my anxiety around the need to be doing something. It's an exaggeration of bed gravity to help me commit to relaxing.

The nice thing about being pinned down (with mutual consent) by folks - especially folks of substantial size - is feeling immobilized.

I don't have to be *physically* stuck - though that's certainly an option! It's more that I'm *socially* prevented from doing anything else without first asking to excused. Even though I know they'll comply (and I don't like being held truly against my will), the social friction of having to interrupt to ask helps counter my "I should be doing stuff" worrying.

This is where I'd remark on a heavy hand/foot/belly/chest/tongue/etc nonharmfully smushing this fox, but I think I've rambled on that in my pinned toot thread already. (Do look if you're curious.)

I'm a bit too worn out to narrate with most folks (sorry), but I'm happy thinking of these things.

Vore, maw shot - Mizutsune 

This secret self indulgent project is done! I wanted to do something vore related, and I wanted to draw a Mizutsune from the Monster Hunter games. So here it is.

Also, variant for a more natural pinkish mouth, rather than the yellow they have in the games.

#vore #mawshot #MastArt

@fero Heya, welcome to the fediverse! Your stuff looks cool.

Heyo. Post your #Furry ref under here if you're cool with me drawing ya. I wanna occasionally doodle stuff for cool fedi peeps.

Hey @Manikobunneh, have you heard of and/or played Klonoa?

…I didn't even know there was a good platformer with a cat/rabbit main character until seeing AntDude's video strongly encouraging it, and now I want to play it.

(If curious, the video is "Klonoa is Important | Big 'Wahoo' Energy", 30m47s)

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