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This dossier details a classified Blappeture Mesa research project. The Enrichment Center would like to remind you of these mandatory safety and happiness guidelines:

1. Petting and patient discussion are encouraged. ⚠️​ Device size may vary.

2. The device will never threaten to bite you and, in fact, may hug you. Repeatedly. (With permission.)

3. The device is slow to respond. Your request will be processed.

details/full resolution/extra story:

Feeling foxie, might delete later

(Custom emojo are wonderful things.)

Gift art: macro/micro, gentle, friendly snout hugs, point-of-view/perspective 

It's done! Been working on this piece of music for about three months now, and it really brings out both my strengths and weaknesses as a composer.

COVID-19 meta, positive (XKCD comic on immune system and society's adaptability) 

Advice on learning: don't worry about how long it takes 

@Austin_Dern …this brought a silly remark to mind, I looked it up, and it kinda works?

CSS padding is the size of one's paw pads (inside the border), margin is the fur from the edges (borders) of the pads to total size of one's fingers/toes (adds space outside the border).

A paw pad (padding) is solid and cannot overlap. Two paw pads beside each other will always take up the space of two paw pads.

Fur (margin) is soft and fluffy so when scrunching one's fingers/toes together, it overlaps. The fluff edge of two digits next to each other will take up the space of one digit's fluff edge.

[Based on ]

Opinion on complimenting others' artwork while avoiding self-deprecation 

multi-tab-select works for creating new by drag-and-drop!

  1. Open the Library to Bookmarks view (Ctrl+Alt+O, or Library > Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks, at bottom)
  2. Multi-select tabs with Ctrl/Shift and clicking
  3. Drag and drop the selected tabs inside your desired folder within the Bookmarks Library window

(This easier than right-click > Bookmark Tabs… when you have many nested folders.)

re: Android 11 Developer Preview 2 - "apps can no longer see/spy every other app on your device" privacy change implemented! 

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addendum: Android 11 Developer Preview 2 - "apps can no longer see/spy every other app on your device" privacy change implemented! 

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I may not be a fan of certain kinds of [Ww]indows, but any with Foxes are good windows!
About forty minutes painting, constructive criticism welcome.

Holly's Big Chill (macro/growth, transformation) part 1: thoughts/compliments 

Friendly heads up: I've created an alternative/backup account over on @digitalfox

I haven't yet committed to migrating, still trying out the place, but, like any backup policy, it's best to exist in more than only one place. :red_fox:​ Feel free to follow here and there, and I'll post in both places if I later migrate.

Real foxes and the fun sounds they make, audio, article quote 

Tech: importance of self-hosting email/using other providers, "mail is hard" myth, health of fediverse 

downside of having (foot)paws: missing out on the softness of new .

(Just got a new pack of socks, first in several years. It's strange how nice they feel.)

Macro/micro, silly, friendly, security testing 

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