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This dossier details a classified Blappeture Mesa research project. The Enrichment Center would like to remind you of these mandatory safety and happiness guidelines:

1. Petting and patient discussion are encouraged. βš οΈβ€‹ Device size may vary.

2. The device will never threaten to bite you and, in fact, may hug you. Repeatedly. (With permission.)

3. The device is slow to respond. Your request will be processed.

details/full resolution/extra story:

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An asexual, autistic fox's interest in: macro/micro 

I've said I'm not sexually interested in the big and small, / , play, etc. The opposite, I find sex off-putting (but others are free to enjoy what they want).

So.. what about size *does* appeal to this , fox?

If you're familiar with The Magic School Bus and Clifford the Big Red Dog, combine those.

To me, with great size comes great responsibility.. and inversely, with small size comes reduced responsibility. When I'm large, I lean into my protectiveness for others, e.g. scooping someone up to guard them from the world outside, to lift some of the weight that's on their shoulders.

That said, I do like to non-harmfully tease, affectionately roughhousing, focusing the tiny critter's attention on the moment, distracting from the concerns of the world beyond. I won't talk down to them, but I will press down on them and show them I've got them.

Inversely, when I'm small, I appreciate having a place where it's okay to be overwhelmed, where failure to take charge is expected and without bad consequence. Take what I said before and flip the roles around.

I'm also fascinated by the science of size, of a tiny in a gigantic world (e.g. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) or a giant navigating a normal world.

Ranting about job application websites and surprises 

If you're gonna make a job application website (*cough*ICIMS*cough*), at NO POINT IN TIME should you EVER make ANYTHING irreversible until it's ACTUALLY FULLY SUBMITTED.

And regardless, NEVER assume that because someone applied to ONE JOB at a diverse, global company, that their answers (such as "Are you willing to relocate?", or your uploaded resume, or cover letter) should WITHOUT WARNING auto-apply to the next job just because they clicked Apply on it within half an hour. Let alone IRREVERSIBLY doing this!

Sheesh. And people wonder why some of us feel anxious about job applications.

Gentle macro/micro role reversal 

Shrinking down to give someone smaller the opportunity to get to look down at someone else.

Not as revenge or anything, just giving the small critter a break from having to look up at everyone.

Having a flashlight that can deform (thin, colored) plastic in a second or burn (dark, thin) paper with more time is.. kind of terrifying, in a fun way.

And it's not even a super-high-end flashlight (though still in the "enthusiast" camp, it's not sold at a hardware store).

Mastodon timeline meta: multiple community support/roaming identity 

[Marked as "Unlisted" because I lack the technical know-how and I lack the energy to get anything like this done.]

I've heard about the local timeline kerfuffle. My question - who belongs to just one community?

There's art, game development, writing, programming, etc…

Why can't we have multiple "local" timelines with our identity roaming among them? It's possible to migrate instances, why not have a meta-instance of sorts? If one of your instances goes down, gets defederated due to bad actors, etc, you're not suddenly caught in the cross-fire and cut off from others.

As I was talking with a friend this evening, I just want decentralized Google+, with Circles/groups for sharing, Communities for multiple shared timelines, etc social tools empowering the user, getting rid of the "legal name" policy. I realize all of this is a big ask, but c'mon.

The Sims.. allows you to politely ask foxes to not steal your chickens?

Well, I'm glad somebody's realizing complex conversations are suited for vulpine kind (plus chickens, rabbits, and birds, according to the pack). "The Sims 4 Cottage Living Review", by LGR, 11m10s, foxes begin at 3m51s

@IceWolf Sadly, there's very little wolf Link in here, but you might still find this amusing: "Out of Bounds Secrets | Zelda Twilight Princess - Boundary Break", 20m:39s, by Shesez

Trans phoenix wins! I've done some revisions and am ready to send it off to a manufacturer. I'll start contacting some tomorrow.

Gotta decide how big to make it.
I'm thinking it will have to be a 2 inch pin to work well.

I'd rather have a smaller pin, but I'm afraid I'm not intimately familiar with the tolerances for manufacturing these things. So I'll go big just to be safe and make sure everything works and is conveyed well.

The black parts of this illustration are going to be metal, with a rose-gold finish, if I can get that. Brass or gold color if I can't.

Hard enamel, because I like the smooth surface and think it looks better.

In the future I'll have to keep in mind just how little space I have to convey things in with pin designs. It's hard to design things so small when you like intricacy and detail...

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fox maw drawing 

Here's another pin design!

I think this one has potential.

re: US Legal: patent troll/abuse tangent 

I feel like patent trolls are only reinforcing Apple, Amazon, and Google's position as Big Three Voice Assistant providers given the trolls won't dare to go after companies with the legal resources those three have.

I don't know if Mycroft is the right way forwards (and, disclaimer, I backed the Mycroft Mark 2, so I'm biased and want them to succeed), but I feel we gotta have someone who's more open, regardless.

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US Legal: patent troll/abuse tangent 

> "We are looking for a Full-Time long-term in-house Corporate Counsel to lead and coordinate the five actively ongoing patent-abuse related cases, and to […]."

Well sheesh. I appreciate the idea of patents (publicly document your invention so others can build it after your exclusivity license expires), but the notion of "invention" has been ludicrously stretched to simple concepts that I don't personally know how it can be constrained back to actually supporting inventors, and not shell companies.

(And other posts from Mycroft)

Unintentional vore marketing 

> "Exclusive Belly Offer: Everything you wanted to know about digital assets"

Uh… um… Look, I'm not THAT interested in bellies that this data-fox needs called out like this.

(Context: "Belly" is/was a rewards/customer loyalty thing I signed up to yeeears ago. It looks like their mailing list got taken over. Still amusing from a perspective.)

Mental Health (mild negative): existentialism, self-care, tiredness 

It's real "what am I doing with my life" hours.

Also "go eat something" hours.

And "calm down anxiety wuff, I haven't screwed up that badly yet" time, too.

I'm.. tired. But not "go to bed" tired, more of "being responsible" tired, and I'm not even responsible for that much (I think).

I'm not giving up. I just feel a bit lost.

A compression pedal, but it controls a weighted blanket, having nothing to do with audio.

(Sleepy thoughts after watching a video on effects pedals and seeing a toot here)

Pressure, weighted blankets plus claustrophilia meta 

I like being pressed on and enclosed or hidden from the world. A is the closest non-fiction means I have for this most of the time. (I wish there were additional affordable options.)

However, when interacting in fiction, there's a lot of ways to do this, and different people prefer different things!

Sometimes just hugging in one's arms and wrapping a jacket or cloak around. That's fine!

If I get to be small, maybe curling fingers and cupping hands together. Or, pressing on me under one's feet/paws (bare or with footwear). Perhaps holding me in one's mouth. And there's many other approaches too (rolling or sprawling atop, snuffling up, sitting on, etc stuff that's even more uncommon - nothing with one's reproductive organs for me though).

If I talk about any means of deep pressure/hiding, in most situations you can substitute in other means. Feel free to ask!

I might just have had certain means brought to mind due to recent experiences (e.g. it's summer right now, folks are wearing sandals, so I often wonder about being an insole…), but that usually doesn't mean I won't appreciate other means.

Note that if I'm talking about these things, I might not be at full capacity, so you might not get a reply for a while.

Corporations and forced arbitration: the payback (Amazon opts out) 

Wait what? Arbitration can be MORE expensive for companies..? Well that's amusing.

I wonder if any other companies will be convinced to drop forced arbitration over time.

Mental/Physical Health (mixed): pain and emotions, social energy 

Welp, I don't want to experience Saturday again. Emotions about heavy family stuff (...not yet comfortable sharing) plus muscle spasm along my back and other assorted "fun" things made for a.. difficult weekend.

I'm glad I seem to be doing a bit better by now on the physical pain, but the emotional stuff remains.

I wish I had more social energy.

Hot take: sex appeal as joke 

The "You know, sex is great and all, but have you tried/experienced [thing]" phrase assumes that someone thinks sex is great.

The phrase is kind of meaningless to me at best, and feels.. unwelcoming otherwise.

(Not intending to subpost anyone, this is just a general annoyance I've had for months.)

Google Play Protect wrongly flags OpenTracks app from F-Droid 

Installing the latest update to via …
> "Blocked by Play Protect"
> "OpenTracks"
> "This app can collect data that could be used to track you."
(With an option to continue anyways.)

Ah, yes. Because none of the several location-based apps I've installed via the Play Store that might or actually do track me deserve an interrupting prompt when I install them. The open source privacy-respecting OpenTracks is what I have to worry about.

Now, I feel there's probably good intent - may want to avoid having someone unknowingly sideload stalkerware (stalking/tracking others without consent):

Still leaves a bad impression.

Mental Health (mixed positive): imposter syndrome, unexpected compliment 

When talking with someone and remarking on how their character felt similar to my own, I got this response (mildly edited):
"It's possible that the personalities [of our characters] and our preferences just mesh well ^^ That can happen sometimes."

Wait, I can get along with folks.. naturally?

Surely I've done something WRONG and tricked this person into thinking I'm a good friend! They're making a mistake!

…shush, anxiety.

(I'm fine by now, no need to worry. I just felt this at the time and had to brush it off for a bit until I could play with the absurdity of the thoughts.)

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