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This dossier details a classified Blappeture Mesa research project. The Enrichment Center would like to remind you of these mandatory safety and happiness guidelines:

1. Petting and patient discussion are encouraged. ⚠️​ Device size may vary.

2. The device will never threaten to bite you and, in fact, may hug you. Repeatedly. (With permission.)

3. The device is slow to respond. Your request will be processed.

details/full resolution/extra story:

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An asexual, autistic fox's interest in: macro/micro 

I've said I'm not sexually interested in the big and small, / , play, etc. The opposite, I find sex off-putting (but others are free to enjoy what they want).

So.. what about size *does* appeal to this , fox?

If you're familiar with The Magic School Bus and Clifford the Big Red Dog, combine those.

To me, with great size comes great responsibility.. and inversely, with small size comes reduced responsibility. When I'm large, I lean into my protectiveness for others, e.g. scooping someone up to guard them from the world outside, to lift some of the weight that's on their shoulders.

That said, I do like to non-harmfully tease, affectionately roughhousing, focusing the tiny critter's attention on the moment, distracting from the concerns of the world beyond. I won't talk down to them, but I will press down on them and show them I've got them.

Inversely, when I'm small, I appreciate having a place where it's okay to be overwhelmed, where failure to take charge is expected and without bad consequence. Take what I said before and flip the roles around.

I'm also fascinated by the science of size, of a tiny in a gigantic world (e.g. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) or a giant navigating a normal world.

My laptop's Kubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 upgrade has gone… alright?

Still tweaking and fixing up various small things (mostly things I expected to break, external apps, etc). I do generally like the new stuff.

And here we are!
My first full gouache painting!

I like how it turned out, even though I think there are a few things I could have done better.


Rant on unfair customer satisfaction surveys 

I passionately dislike customer feedback surveys.

From my understanding, most are rigged so anything less than perfect (10/10, etc) is considered neutral (9/10) or terrible for the support agent, while doing nothing to the company. Key Performance Indicators are geared towards achieving idealism with unhappy customers. That seems absurd to me.

In my case, I think I chose all the options (best support rating, etc) that complimented the support agent while still remarking on the website's policies that were bad. It's a situation where I'm upset with the company, not the support agent.

re: DDR art (shy tangent on paws) 

…considering yesterday was Paw Day and given my earlier remarks when I first shared this ( ), the temptation was strong to set the image upload's "focus" point near to the ground rather than up by the face.

Given the artist likely didn't intend this as showing off paws, though, I feel like that would've been unwarranted.

Yes I'm still shy about dancing stuff >.>';

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@Manikobunneh Idle curiosity - do you have any experience with weighted blankets?

macro storywriting furry 

So I am thinking of taking a macro/size-changing macro story request, but maybe I will charge 5-10 bucks here to try out if there's any interest. Would there be any? :O I will be pretty picky with ideas/characters and length would be variable (6+ pages)

Rant against YouTube: own comments being auto-deleted 

Good to know I appear to be subject to a similar silent, delayed moderation that the "A Fox in Space" person is/was:

Though it's not deleting 100% of my comments, just certain ones.

(I tried to suggest "scrcpy" to someone doing a review of the Flipper Zero project since it'd help with screen recording the mobile app on Android device.)

And I think my spaceship knows which way to go~ 🎶

I broke down Nvidia's news about open-source Linux drivers for HTG. Shoutout to people smarter than me looking through the code!

#gaming #linux "The Lion King and Disney's Sequel Curse", 1h:06m:39s, by Breadsword
[Content Warning: discusses Shakespeare's stories, death/treachery/tragedy.]

This is a fantastically in-depth exploration of.. if The Lion King is Hamlet, then The Lion King 1 ½ is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.. and before this I didn't know either of these things. Also why the latter is a good sequel.

Even if one might not know or care about the topic, the sheer effort put into this is inspiring.

I've not gotten almost any spam text messages.. until today, two within 24 hours. I wonder if something happened.

I've reported the links via (and was careful to not activate the links myself to avoid confirming my phone number to the spammer).

Mastodon update: profile RSS feeds now better 

Woohoo! RSS feeds for public posts are much improved:

Now Content Warnings act as subjects instead of making the RSS post almost empty, images are handled better, and emojis too. It's no blog engine replacement, but it's a bit better.

As context for folks seeing this - it's only your public posts. This doesn't reveal anything beyond what opening your profile in a Private Browsing/Incognito (logged out) window would show.

Mental Health meta, fediverse positive 

I appreciate the Content Warning culture on the fediverse. It means I can actually still exist here when I'm worn out (as often happens).

…this may not have needed a CW, but it felt wrong to post a remark about CWs without one. 🙃

Rant: Discord harmful as community platform (locking content behind accounts) 

I am very glad that the Flipper Zero project has an official public Discourse forum ( ).

And I understand why they'd want a presence on Discord, too - there's a huge existing user base and joining there *if you already have a Discord account* is fairly seamless.

I'm just aggravated at Discord and such companies having normalized the idea of "Go to this URL to get this thing, but you'll have to make an account first" when there's no reason it couldn't be a public download URL on a forum.

(Note that the subreddit is NOT emphasized by the Flipper devs. I haven't looked into the Discord community. I'm also not sure if the lack of public visibility can be helpful at times given the, um, multi-tool hacker nature of this device.)

macro/micro tangent, re:Dreams meta: positive situations vs reality 

In other words, day 427 of this data-fox having a dream of being a tiny, pleasantly overwhelmed data-fox around a good friend.. who understandably has been very busy with life, moving, etc and so hasn't been able to talk much. Also, size rays don't exist (yet).

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Dreams meta: positive situations vs reality 

Dreams are great. I appreciate the ones I have.

Sometimes, I do feel slightly annoyed or disappointed that the ideal scenarios in them aren't likely to ever happen, as the dream instills a sense of longing that I didn't have before.

(Or maybe it's vice-versa, dreams bring desires to the surface?)

On the whole, I'd still prefer the nice dreams.

@volpeon Time for shaking a fist at Microsoft Teams:

"Building the binary with all the bridges enabled needs about 3GB RAM to compile. You can reduce this memory requirement to 0,5GB RAM by adding the nomsteams tag if you don't need/use the Microsoft Teams bridge."

(I also misread that as "nom steams" at first, which confused me.)

macro/micro tangent, re: Hugs over Internet/weighted blanket haptics 

…redrafted since I typoed this as "Huge over Internet" - not yet!

That'll come later once I figure out that growth/shrink ray. :blobfox3c:

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