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"laziness" is bunk Show more

Assertive 1st-person self-care Show more

Ever wished life had a "Congrats, you almost achieved basic social norms!" trophy?

Well, here ya go. I needed one today, but you can have it :)


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"What Is Codependency?" Show more

MH (--), courtesy for anxious/autistic folks Show more

MH (--), courtesy for anxious/autistic folks Show more

Musing on microblogging etiquette, message bursting Show more

Apologies to screen readers, I captioned the video then that got removed when posting…

The video shows a city intersection, with a smartphone capturing video of it in the center. Google Maps shows a beta Augmented Reality view of the camera beyond. A 3D animated fox shows in the middle, walking on the street, then leaping in the direction you're supposed to walk. Presenter: "And just for fun, our team's been playing with the idea of adding a helpful guide.. like that there. […more said]"

New at Google I/O: Fox-based AR navigation.

No, really. Even with playful pouncing to show you the way.

As Stephen of AndroidPolice says, "It's /always/ a good idea to follow a fox and see where it leads you."

Source video: "Google I/O'18: Google Keynote" at 2h:47m to 2h:47m:10s

Accessibility rant, vision impairment/blindness Show more

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The @GIMP have just released 2.10 to the world! Six years of hard work and improvements are all wrapped up and now available! Congratulations to the GIMP team for all of their hard work and dedication to bring us such a great project!

#FOSS #photography #artwithopensource #digitalart #freesoftware #software #editing

To anyone dealing with final exams/projects/etc Show more

Poetic BSD license, Gervase Markham:

"You may redistribute and use –
as source or binary, as you choose,
and with some changes or without –
this software; let there be no doubt.
But you must meet conditions three,
if in compliance you wish to be.

The first is obvious, of course –
To keep this text within the source.
The second is for binaries
Place in the docs a copy, please.
A moral lesson from this ode –
Don’t strip the copyright on code."

@Azure your turn? :)

What's cooler than someone playing with giant arcs of million-volt potential electricity as if they're best friends?

The above.. but in slow-motion: "THE SUPER SLOW SHOW S1 • E2 Part 4: Tesla Coil"

(If only someone could film the electromagnetiwonderfox @Azure in slow-motion... ⚡️)

MH (-), Autism, That feeling when... Show more

"Isqa - Tree Eater", 8m:17s

Someone in the comments to Andrew Huang's video suggested writing a piano piece with concepts in mind, and, apparently, it exists. I'm not sure if it's glitch-y enough for @Azure 's tastes, but it *is* a fun subversion of expectations.

It started as an odd, but calm piano piece.. but it quickly ªevolved into aló matters of glitcÃ�Åœy noÕses��

"5 steps to make awesome GLITCH BEATS" by Andrew Huang, 8m:56s

Stumbled across this in my YouTube subscriptions yesterday, was insightful and fun, especially for . I ought to play with randomness for music in the future, right now I'm just using it with my music lights...

Mental Health (–), on spoons and markers of success Show more

"First patch with Erica Synths Pico System" from Andrew Huang's second channel,
⚠️​ Caution: Contains unapologetically loud noise!

A 6 minute song mostly based on random generation to modulate every aspect of sounds (pitch, placement, etc), forming an atonal soundscape of sharp, impersonal harshness, offering moments ranging from relative calm to, um, ear-invigorating (e.g. 3m:50s).

In other words, I think @Azure would really like this :)