Imagine if public transport was free and available for everyone, and instead of roads and car parks we planted community gardens to provide food for everyone. I think that sounds very nice, fresh fruit and vegetables should be something everyone can get.

@Some_Person community gardens would not be able to effectively supply the amount of people in most cities.


@Some_Person this might just about work in highly car dependent cities like LA. You get about 2.1-17.6 million calories per acre per year ( for various staple crops. Parking spaces per person in LA is roughly 5. Approximately 242 parking spaces fit in an acre.

@digifox my idea wasn't even to provide all of the food, I think even just a fraction would be good :) some plants might not be suitable for all climates, and might still have to be imported, but having community gardens everywhere will let the people have fresh fruit and vegetables that didn't have to travel many kilometres to get there :)

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