I'm listening to a podcast in which a man that does cool stuff with computers is promoted to introduce himself by telling the story how he started coding when he was 9 years old.

As someone that has done this, I feel prompted to tell you that I have thoughts about this trope: DON'T

Having seen newcomers to the profession being frustrated to the degree of giving up on their dreams, just because they didn't fart around on a C64 when they were children, I realized these stories while cute do active harm. Don't make them such integral parts of your introductions and origin stories. Try weaving in advice that is reproducible to grown ups instead.


@map My CS101 prof explicitly tried to heal this damage. He asked for a show of hands from each group and then said. "Those of you new to programming? You've got a blank slate. No bad habits or strange self taught idioms to undo. This is an advantage. Those of you who have been doing it for years already? Be humble coming into this. You've still got a lot to learn."

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