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"does this even mean anything?

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Getting stickers from @NightlineZ was extra exciting because of the surprise return address. A little present from home in my Dublin mail slot.

Remember when I said there is no one definitive trans experience and that bandwagon statements like "I've always known" are actively harmful as they implicitly erase people who, well, didn't? Same with "you need dysphoria to be trans?"

Yeah, not all my alters have dysphoria, although I extremely do, and Elly does albeit somewhat less.

— Elly/Aurora

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star trek lower decks is the god damn best, new season is straight fire and shaxs is great just great



Last year their big announcement was that they were switching back to the old keyboard and bringing back a physical escape key. Now they've gone a step further and done away with the Touch Bar entirely, and good riddance too.

Looks like the fourth generation Macbook Pro is going to be sent down the memory hole entirely, it was an utter disaster of a product. Kudos to them for at least recognising when they've made some big mistakes I guess

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the problem with right click downloading NFTs is i have never seen an NFT that is actually worth taking up space on my hard drive

Police Reform Suggestion #359: let's just make cops function like bees - if they fire their gun, it rips out their digestive tract and they die.

Like seriously, been at this for almost 2 decades and somehow had never considered the term

"Teledildonics Mosh Pit"

I remain fucking horrible at my job.

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The phonetic similarity between isekai (different world) and ii sekai (good world) means that isekai is a perfect translation for utopia (cf eutopia). In this essay I will

Inspiring: This 21-Year-Old Entrepreneur's Tech Startup Is A 5-Year Embezzlement Scheme!

i fully intend on working a shitpost into the front matter of my dissertation someday and i need to work through the garbage material first

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i always really liked this part of the article recounting rms's experiences with lisp & early emacs development. i feel like the ideas captured here aren't given nearly enough thought & attention as they should in a movement that's supposed to be about empowering computer users.

Every scientist who has fought creationism (and Texas's premiere role in pushing that bogus idea) saw this coming and is completely unsurprised by the end result.

In my apartment's laundry, the only part that ever breaks is the gimmick on the machine that keeps it from working unless you pay.

(Sadly, it takes the rest of the machine with it, instead of letting it operate for free.)

Hey fedi, anyone fluent enough in Chinese to help me put together a user support cheat sheet for some common questions? I don't trust that machine translation is always getting the point across very well.

ych slots opening soon

(character must be a geometric primitive)

(absolutely no non-orientable shapes this is an sfw account)

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