I think I just coined a term: "outrage dividend".

Imagine two media orgs.

A is a reliable media org, with fact-checking, reporting, etc. Their articles are nuanced, well-argued, and usually stay away from sensationalism and clickbait.

B is a disinformation peddler. They don't care about facts, as long as their sensationalist, clickbaity crap gets the clicks, and ad revenue rolls in.

Outrage gets clicks on FB. It's *easier* for B to get the clicks.

That's the outrage dividend.


The history of video games largely seems to be people going "OK, so people didn't like every other teleporter maze ever made, but they'll like THIS one."

Since this apparently needs to be repeated: you don't write reliable code by "being really careful" or "avoiding mistakes".

You do it by accepting that you *will* inevitably make mistakes, and designing your code so that the likelihood and/or impact of those mistakes is minimized.

the... the fish

your fish ancestors

they're really impressed by the way you've harnessed lightning to entertain yourself

like holy shit you're amazing you make crawling out of the ocean worth it

keep it up!

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The act of reading consumes spoons.

Moving your eyes across the letters, forming them into words, interpreting their syntax, reflecting on their meaning, integrating it into memory - all of this combines into a high-focus activity consuming finite brain resources. It can stealthily deplete you. If you're mentally exhausted, think about how much you're reading, not just what you're reading.

Dear Lazyfed:

I really need an Android app and/or website for family health logging. I should be able to log, per person, timestamped events with custom fields and optional levels per field. And then give me some graphs. This could be a generic tool rather than a specific thing.

I can find a ton of apps that will do this for a single individual (Bearable seems particularly nice even though the premium upsell is relentless), but none that work for families.

This insight brought to you by a recent rediscovery of how bad infinite scrolling apps are to have on a mobile phone. The temptation is to check them any time you're not doing something else, and it can really add up. Better to not have them constantly available at all.

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I must confess, I haven't played a game that required rolling physical dice in years. But these dice with tiny foxes in them from @cozygamershop@twitter.com were irresistible.

look at them


Micro-Mouse Goes De-bugging (MC Lothlorien/Mastertronic, ZX Spectrum, 1989)

hrt, needles 

Just did my first estradiol injection. Hopefully I see some better results than I was getting from oral estradiol

my favorite genre of video game is “there’s geometry and it hates you”

re: Unpopular US Political Opinion 

@mawr I still maintain that people who advocate for totally disarmament come from a place of extreme privilege that they are not aware of or feel they will benefit directly from the disarmament of the general populous.

Both groups in power have pushed extreme amounts of propaganda into the public eye.

Anecdotally I'll point out politicians like Leeland Yee. A California state senator who was perhaps one of the most virulent and egregious anti-gunners in the state for decades.. and is now sitting in a federal prison after getting nailed in a RICO case involving... gun running and not just civilian sporting weapons to but rather selling machine guns and rpgs to right wing extremist organizations, known terrorist groups and the Triads.

The more naive group pushing for disarmament are perhaps heavily biased by American Exceptionalism and seem to think we somehow have a semi-functional justice system in the US or honestly seem completely unaware or willingly unaware how much our governments fail our citizenry by design.

Ultimately the real heart of the issue is that is easier to talk about banning firearms than it is to talk about solving all of the issues that lead to violence in the first place and the people in power benefit far more from taking one of these actions rather than the massive revolutionary effort it would take to build a better future for everyone.

Unpopular US Political Opinion 

@mawr the best perspective I've seen on this was on Twitter. Those who enforce any new gun laws will do so selectively targeting marginalized groups and political radicals while bolstering the states power. White supremacists will largely be left alone and the violence will continue.

editorial, uspol, guns 

The official Fox News stance on USian gun control measures is that while a couple of them are probably necessary (mostly, universal background checks and waiting period laws), we urge you to think *very* hard about who it is would be enforcing any proposed confiscations, what their likely motives are, and how much you trust them to be impartial or thorough.

Last time I saw a car like this it was in a Richard Scarry book, and the worm driving it was having a busy day.

re: Vent, burnout, depression 

I feel increasingly like the world has no place for me and what I want, and the worst part is that I think the world is right to reject the things that make me comfortable.

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