here's the "feature" in action, though people have managed to get even more extra blue spheres and on more stats LOL it really just depends

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The future: your friends quietly arrange a surprise present -- a whole new you!
You trust them, you're excited, you drift off...
... and then you're coming online; shimmery scales, swirling colours, tail and fin, all OK, such a grin on your synth sharky snoot~

Without looking it up, how much RAM do you think the Atari 2600 has? I'm really curious how much people ballpark, and how far off they are, so please boost and don't post the reply in the answers.

i wish body positivity was less "this and that type of cis woman can also qualify as fuckable" and more "you are not locked out of any part of the human experience because your body does not meet an arbitrary and ephemeral standard"

uspol/Android shortcut to record police (+) 

Getting pulled over can be a stressful event, no matter the circumstances. It's a great idea to have a record of the event, just in case something seems off or goes wrong. iPhones can use a Siri shortcut that allows you to do this automatically. The same is possible with Google Assistant, with a little more effort.

Here's how to create a 'Hey Google, I'm getting pulled over' shortcut.


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left youtube autoplaying music and left the house for an hour, came back to a video of an old white dude with a huge beard in dungarees mixing dub reggae in a completely red green and yellow room while taking hits from a spliff

Funny quote:

Is It Really the Smallest?

Some argue that a program that produces "resign" as its output and terminates is the world’s smallest chess program.

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People think "Oh nuclear physics, must be super complicated" and okay yes the math is hard but sometimes nuclear physics is the giant beer keg-shaped machine that lives on a wooden wheeled platform in the lab closet. It's called the Neutron Howitzer because it lobs neutrons at whatever you stick in the little slot.

You add a bunch of neutrons to a thing, the thing gets really stressed out like "what am I gonna do with all these neutrons", and you listen to it whine to find out what it's made of

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Writing some code to filter out my deadname from places makes me feel like a scientist in the SCP foundation that writes a complicated filter to filter out cognitohazards that might pop up in a database full of SCPs

haskal tech tip: if you are a cishet white guy you can actually make a big difference
whenever you see one of your friends posting chanshit tell them to stop

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celeste taught me a very important lesson: all trans women should have a dash ability


NFTs are just taking previously made computer art that could be distributed for free and adding arbitrary value via artificial scarcity by adding DRM to them.

It exists to make the internet more like the regular art scene. Culture that is gatekeeped by a handful of "in the know" wealthy people, where the entire point is to show off your status in the hierarchy by displaying entirely arbitrary knowledge of esoteric subjects, and posession of artifacts which are valuable soley by how unobtainable they are.

The whole concept is beyond fucking stupid. We don't need this shit on the internet.

free-market libertarian: "ah a socialist, you obviously have no idea how ecnomics works"

me: Allow me to explain to you my knowledge of how supply-side economics allegedly works, and how the increasingly appalling Gini coefficient of America and other nations along with a decline in affordability of basic goods shows very clearly that it's actually a crock of shit. Or should I talk about how the gold standard was inferior to fiat and relies on the flawed presumption that the amount of gold is a fixed quantity?

free-market libertarian: "..."

CDA230 is among the only good technology laws the US Congress ever adopted, and without it, no one would ever host your complaint about a business, your #MeToo whistleblowing, your negative reviews or your images of official corruption or police violence.


TONIGHT ON #TheHelpAction
! You know what they always say: murder a wizard, meet a... lizard? We're playing D&D and raising money for the Transgender Law Center
-- hop on in and slake your THIRST FOR ADVENTURE at 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern! #dnd5e

WANT TO CATCH UP? We have a Youtube channel with uploads of all our past episodes, for your viewing pleasure!

(Also, please enjoy Glass's "photo" of our last adventure, courtesy of @itsnero !)

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The belief that capitalism is collapsing is wishful thinking on behalf of revolutionary communists. A system can produce bad outcomes and still be stable and self-reinforcing.

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