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tl;dr: Hi, you can call me Erica or digifox, and use she/her or they/them pronouns for me outside of work; those who know me in the office, please continue to use Philip + he/him there until I'm ready to come out to my team.

So, uh, hi. Most of the folks who follow me on social media know I've been questioning my gender identity for some time now. I'm still figuring things out, but confident enough to advertise this more directly.

Mutuals, feel free to ask questions in DM if you have any. Worst case I decline to answer, no hard feelings :)

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To the folks I follow/who follow me who I know from work, I'll probably be tooting a lot about my gender and sexuality exploration here. Some of it might be NSFW/TMI and will be CW'd appropriately. For the time being I don't have a timeline for officially 'coming out' to my team or presenting any differently at the office, so continued use of he/him pronouns in that context would be appreciated. Thanks!

It's really unappreciated how we poisoned a couple generations through chronic lead exposure and let the results become treated as 'normal'. None of it was necessary, and there was a lot of warning as to the consequences at the time.

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going on about twitter and fedi 

really this is why i think small scale changes are ultimately worthless. i do not want mastodon to be the biggest project or even big, but i think making the fediverse more universal is a worthy goal.

and thinking the fediverse should 'stay small' is ultimately elitist as fuck

because every twitter user is more power to twitter, and to every one twitter works with.
capitalism means power goes to the highest bidder-s, and you don't get to know who bids or wins.

we are NOT HELPING if all we end up doing is fancy tech for fancy people.
we are NOT SOLVING ANYTHING if all we do amounts to a proof of concept that the people who need it most will not or cannot use.


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Satan becomes convinced of materialism…so researches and develops a soul analogue and starts advertising and selling it to people rather than trying to buy souls from them.

A friend who I told I was down today dropped off a surprise decaf Starbucks and some cookies on our porch. I haven't had sbux in over a month and just started crying because it was such a nice thing to do

It mystifies me still why adherents of Marxist analysis or legitimate socialists of any sort would look at Leninism with anything other than disgust.


«Durkan responding to a question about the curfew being set up with 10 minutes notice, as a way to set people up: “We did this under the direction of the they could arrest the people they wanted to.”»

You: you dont want to be a dog, you just dont want to exist under capitalism and the fantasy of being a dog fits the framework of an anxiety-free life perfectly

Me: yes but also i want to be a dog because i think it would fucking whip so much ass

bee fact #69: most bees are extremely docile and won't sting unless they're handled roughly, their hive is threatened, or you're a cop

Every month of 2020 is objectively at least a decade long

the goalposts keep moving too. first it's everyone violent is from out of town, then when that's not convincing it's that it's all white people

if your neighborhood sustained damage then like I'm sorry, that sucks. but you can and need to simultaneously hold the ideas "I'm very sad and upset and even traumatized that part of my neighborhood was destroyed" and "my neighbors are rightfully furious right now because they've been literally murdered on the streets for no reason for years now and that's the reason why this happened"

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But now, between this latest murder by a police officer boiling over, and the EO coming down the pipeline from POTUS that threatens the very fabric of our democracy, something even more precious than the act of voting itself, our freedom of expression...

I don't know if that spark will ever be rekindled. If that ember of the best of us will fade to black, never to be stoked back into full brilliance.

We may never have lived up to the ideals we claimed to hold; no one /always/ does. Everyone has some hypocrisy, some insecurity, some flaws, and that includes entire nations. But I feel like if things don't turn around soon, we've given up even trying.

Don't @ me with bullshit about "America has never been OK." I'm not here to argue history. But even a nation's mythology and propaganda speak volumes. And ours has always been one of inclusion and freedom until now, even if we've fallen short of those ideals. 2/2

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Was organizing my thoughts about the Twitter/Trump thing last night talking with my partner. I was raised with a fairly conservative and patriotic family, and as such this stuff really hits home for me.

I was taught growing up that the US stood for many things. I was also taught both by my education and by my family about the horrible things the US has done. But all countries have their hypocrisies and flaws and skeletons in the closet.

And almost always, freedom was the justification used. Was it used to justify some shitty actions? Absolutely. But the bigger the country, the bigger the hypocrisies and failures and missteps.

I still believe in the nominal American ideal. Prosperity for those who can achieve it, compassion and support for those struggling, freedom for all to speak their mind, pursue their dreams.

And through all of this bullshit with 45 and the radicalization of the GOP, I still held onto the belief that that spark was still at the core of the American psyche, even if it has been temporarily dimmed by hate, fear, and ignorance. 1/2

The FediVerse has everything I love:


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polishing headlights is really satisfying. Totally not a euphemism for anything.

In no particular order, I wanna give a huge shoutout and thanks to @FirstProgenitor, @heyheather, and @Marbles for these commissions of the lost Linux Fox mascot! (pictures are in order of credit and have alt text)

I think they came out awesome, and I'm really glad they all reached out to me!!

Programs that fail user-initiated tasks silently need to not do that, TBH. I want to know when Google can't find an exact match for a search or when Acrobat has crashed in the middle of a large batch job, and I want to know promptly, ugh.

I have been seeing folks use "womxn" to include nonbinary ppl and I Don't Like It.
im not woman-lite. I get that non-men have shared gendered struggles but... eeehhh it feels bad to me

my dad just bought this fucking battery for our current project

fucking 100C burst discharge

at what point does a battery stop being a battery and just become a disguised bomb

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