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Decided to try a an iced , But it tasted awful. I'm told by friends who are regular customers, that apparently this had way too much syrup. Perhaps the staff at Nørreport need to be reminded of the recipe?

: Vi vil have mere videoovervågning!
Politiet: Vi har videoovervågning derhjemme.
Videoovervågningen derhjemme:
I forbindelse med eksplosionen i nat i Hermodsgade efterlyser vi denne mand, der var iklædt mørkt tøj og har båret på en plastikpose formentlig fra Rema 1000. Vi opfordrer desuden alle, der har været i området i nat til at kontakte os på 1-1-4…

Somehow Chromecast works much, much better from iOS than What a complete mess. Starting to get really, really tired of Google...

Hereby nominating the Librarians in Metro 2033 for Most Tedious Game Mechanic...

So... For a year or so, they've had a 🌈 pride flag hanging in the canteen at work. And somehow, I don't like it... I feel a bit they're taking something that's "ours", and appropriating it... But I'm not sure if that makes sense...

Oh, nevermind, of course it's been un-released again.

Blergh! I opened a window to get some cooler air in. Ended up getting a faceful of cigarette smoke instead. Getting real tired of the people on the ground floor smoking out of their kitchen window!

Aka: "Why I've liberated all my ebooks and audiobooks of DRM".
Reminded that the Microsoft ebook store closes next week. The DRM'd books will stop working.

I cannot believe that sentence.

"The books will stop working."

I keep saying it and it sounds worse each time.

DarkFox awooed

Fucking and are trying to scam us out of more than half of our extremely reasonable delayed baggage claim. We've been battling them for 3 weeks now!

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