don't DM me the word bread

and don't DM anyone either it's just chain letter nonsense

Very in-depth social engineering Discord scam, PLEASE BOOST FOR VISIBILITY :boost_requested: 

I've never seen a Discord scam like this, and I almost fell for it. A hacked account will DM you with "bro idk if you're being impersonated or what but they exposed your dms in [INSERT SERVER HERE] with that girl and like what the fuck?? im sorry but i dont associate with those types of people so if you cant explain it then i will be blocking you." and immediately block you.

Upon joining the server, it'll ask you to verify with Wick bot, but it's a fake Wick bot that asks you to scan your Discord mobile app for QR code verification.

If a bee girl thought you were cute and wanted to get your attention she’d be like hey there honey

From birdsite 

RT @l_issv
as requested here are some more cartoon character pride flags !!!

featuring the bi, trans, unlabelled and lesbian flags <3

#Pride2022 #PrideMonth #HappyPride

Having winners in competitive sports means that some people have an unfair advantage in that sport. Thus, we should ban competitive sports.

collar photo, weird (intimate?) perspective 

key on lanyard:
- awkward
- dangly
- makes u look like a business visitor
- "uh excuse me how do i get to the conference center"

key on collar:
- cute
- hard to lose
- key (and thus bitting) is easily hidden behind tshirt, so no one can skim the key
- mew!

mastodon shitpost 

I wish I could have an animated avatar but I don't wanna pay for Mastodon Nitro

If you are in the EU and have not yet heard of this vote. There is a European's citizens Initiative for a Universal Basic Income. This is an EU binding vote. . There is only 5 days left and over 700,000 votes still needed. Please vote.

reminder, dass der akute fachkräftemängel ein konstrukt der arbeitgeber ist, weil diese nicht bereit sind dich fair zu bezahlen.

ich kann ja nicht im porsche autohaus nach einem neuen porsche für 500 eur verlangen, den natürlich nicht bekommen und dann von akutem porschemangel sprechen.

:dragnumm: literally slaying dragons
:dragnflushed: slaying dragons as a metaphor for smooching them

Companies to trans people: Love wins! Love is love!!

Trans people: what

Companies: you can bang anyone we support you, love is love

die einfachen punkte:
- assange ist kein netter mensch
-- grundrechte stehen auch nichtnetten zu
-- wer meint, unschuld, opfer, gut müßten zwigend zusammengehen ist auf dem holzweg
- konsensverletzungen sollten bestraft werden
-- er hat mehr durchgemacht als jede potentielle angemessene strafe
-- die schwedische staatsanwaltschaft hat das verfahren eingestellt


I'm the only living relative of my dad, who just died this morning.

We weren't close. Trans etc. He was never able to properly adapt to it.

But it's all on me because there's no other relatives. I need to organize and take care of everything. And it's a lot.

I'm basically in emotional hell now. I need to take care of everything, organize everything.

I'm doing it but it's… probably going to leave scars because i'm so beyond my limit. I don't like being in survival mode and i haven't missed it. And this is going to be the next week or two or three…

#OpenStreetMap has one tile rendering server for all of USA, and that server can no longer keep up with peak US traffic.

If you, or your company,are interested in hosting a rendering node in the US (or elsewhere), please contact us.

Ok, I' gonna do a hot take.

*takes you*

kink adjacent 

it's true: if you can catch the fox (physically and emotionally 💜) you get to keep her

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kink adjacent 

sometimes a fox just wants to be cuddled.... while tied up in rope 💜


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