A (Not So) Quick & Dirty Queer Reflection of Marie Kondo 

@saxnot @distel ...okay thanks? It's a bit of a weird compliment especially since I have been writing for most of my life so I'm not sure what exactly are you insinuating

re: "mondern minimalism", capitalism 

@distel @saxnot (I have been asleep so I'm only seeing this conversation now)

Here is Marie Fuckin' Kueerdo at TAINT Cabaret sharing the Kueermari technique of getting your queer shit together.

CW: Sex toys get organised at one point.

Special thanks to Kivan Bay, Felipe Torres Medina and Points in Case for the inspiration!

(Not actually affiliated with Marie Kondo, KonMari, Netflix, or any of their associates. This is an affectionate parody.)


kink mention 

Just restarted an account on FetLife for Secret Project 2019 (which is kink-adjacent). If you wanna add me DM me for my username.

sex work, kink, switter 

Why is it so hard to find a service sub for hire

I just want someone to take care of me and fuss over me and do things for me, but like sexily

A queer (and largely unedited) reading and reflection of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: docs.google.com/document/d/14Q

Fanatic thread on Twitter by @creatrixtiara about #KonMari, the current storm on birdsite, and xenophobia.

Definitely worth a read.


Been so emotionally exhausted that I've declared a moment of reclusion and inability to take on emotional labour...

... And of course the day I declare that is EXACTLY the day the two most emotionally draining people are demanding something of me.

And I can't even vent because they follow me on my vent spaces!!

Hey everyone check out my Xbox gamerpic she's super adorable

(And add me! creatrixtiara as per always)

You start the day by finding out your finger guns are working like a normal gun.
#writingprompts #writing

animal weirdness (eel and seal) 

I have no idea what this could be a mood for but it's a MOOD

along with the exhortations to new folks to use content warnings, I would like to exhort masto veterans to be patient with new users, and to *please* include explanations of common abbreviations so the new folks can get a handle on them. examples:
pol = politics
uspol = US politics
mh = mental health
tf = transformation
+/- signs = positive or negative modifiers, so "uspol +" would refer to a story about US politics that is actually good (for a change).

feel free to reply to this with other common-ish examples if you can think of them!

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