Hey on Mastodon I wanna talk to you!

I'm Tiara, queer immigrant woman of colour currently based in Australia. A huge chunk of my Mastodon presence right now is about race on Mastodon (or complaining about coder bros) but beyond that I'm also interested in arts, writing, games, performance, travel, intersectionality, liminality, and signing up for anything interesting.

Come say hi :D

@creatrixtiara hi, I'm spanish, so I'm poc or not depending on who you ask, but I'm a lil trans girl gamedev :* <3

@munin all sorts of writing over the years, though right now I mostly gravitate towards games narrative and essays :)

@creatrixtiara hey! Another immigrant POC here. Based in Toronto, Canada.

Interested in music, computer networking, video games.

@creatrixtiara Helloes we are a white passing person of colour. We are aboriginal.

We just woke up, but we love to draw. Vi likes to write (she is our headmate) and a bunch of other cool things. ^_^

@GEARWasHere primarily writing and performance art but I've dabbled in other stuff!

@creatrixtiara Hi Tiara! I'm also in Australia. I'm pretty sure you could call me a second generation European immigrant cis male, but nevertheless I share many of your interests (except maybe coder-bros, but then again my actual brother is a coder...) Anyhow I'm an art history phd student, exploring Mastodon like yourself :)

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