This post about Mastodon's failures from @u2764 reads a little weird to me - there are casual mentions of POC, disabled people, other marginalised groups being driven off or discouraged from contributing to Mastodon about the same way as the queer developers that originally started it, but somehow ONLY the queer devs get mourned here? Like they were the most important minority group?

Were there no QPOC, queer disabled, queer + some other identity developers involved in the start of Mastodon? Were there no other non-queer minorities involved in the development of Mastodon? Is their erasure part of the reason Mastodon comes off as being very VERY white?

The "politics needs to be hidden" comment certainly comes off as being very questionable.

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Is this (rather bizarre to me) hostility towards discussing politics on Mastodon to the point that ROT13 became some sort of "solution" the reason I got dogpiled to hell my first weekend here after talking about racial dynamics on Mastodon? What was the full story behind this? What sort of culture thinks talking about politics needs to be behind a content warning? Is me talking about the intersections of my life & society in need of a CW because it's political? what the hell?

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POC - especially WOC and I see this happen a lot to Black and Indigenous women in particular - get told off for being "too political" just for talking about _the reality of their lives_. And now you want us to put such talk behind a content warning like it's a trigger? Do you know how often us talking about race gets fought back by White people as "omg you talking about racism is too triggering" as though racism doesn't affect OUR mental health? What's the cultural expectation here, geez!

@creatrixtiara I ask for CWs on politics stuff because as an immigrant and partner of a long term sick person with disabilities in a country that's viciously hostile towards all of those groups - to the point where several UN investigations have found and condemned persistent systemic rights violations - discussion of political news gives me massive anxiety spikes

@creatrixtiara much like with any other content warning, I would like to not just have news about how the government has announced it's going to try and force me to leave my home or deny help to my friends and family shoved in my face, especially since it's a pretty constant occurrence here

@creatrixtiara and CWs allow for that discussion to happen without me having to shake in my seat 24/7

@creatrixtiara it's not a hostility at all IMO, the very point of CWing it is so that that discussion can happen when people feel able to engage in it without ending up shaking in their seats, especially in the current geopolitical climate where this shit sends basically everyone into anxiety spirals

@creatrixtiara like I don't want to not discuss politics because that's only going to make all that shit even worse, but CWing it means I can skip over it when I'm not capable of handling it

@theoutrider Having been on way toooooooooooo many discussions where me just saying "hey, that thing you just said is racist" got met with a ton of "OMG HOW DARE YOU, YOU BRINGING THIS UP IS TRIGGERING, I HAVE MENTAL HEALTH NEEDS!!!" from white people, yeah it comes off as hostile now.

@creatrixtiara let me rephrase it as "it's not hostility from my side at all" then

@creatrixtiara but like, I want to talk about politics too but I know a lot of people here and in the US who get V anxious about polit stuff, so i try to CW it when I do

and as others suggested, getting away from the endless stream of shit news being beamed straight into my face with no warning is one of the major reasons I barely use Twitter anymore vs masto

@creatrixtiara in my case "CW politics" generally means "discussion of/comment on geopolitical news of the moment"

@creatrixtiara anyway, will step away for a bit, need to get the weekly shop done

@theoutrider I guess it would help if there was some set of guidelines somewhere for what counted as "political" because the over-broadness is troubling and ultimately unworkable at least in my case :|

@theoutrider I face a lot of similar issues to you, it sounds like. Which is why I don't know if it's really a good idea for you to follow me on most platforms because I'd rather not have me just talking honestly about my life (which often involves dealing with issues like these head-on, immigration is the bane of my existence) end up anxiety-inducing. Sorry.

@theoutrider I'm sorry to hear that. I might suggest you mute me then because I would not know what aspect of me just talking about what I go through in general (I'm also an immigrant from a country that's very hostile to pretty much every identity axis I'm on) is going to be anxiety-inducing for you.

@creatrixtiara I also don't really want to mute you because you're clearly a good person who I suspect I'd like discussing politics with, but ta for the warning (my anxieties are mostly about UK politics fwiw)

@creatrixtiara is someone demanding you use CW for political talk? that's inappropriate. I support you challenging that. particularly around experiences of oppression.

I use the CW tool, because I want to give people the choice to opt in, when my other posts are lighter. but, if that practice is feeding a culture of silencing voices against racism, sexism, transphobia, etc. I will stop.

In solidarity.

@UnaSpenser no one here has asked me to CW anything just yet, though I have gotten stuff along the lines of "you calling me out on my racism is triggering" elsewhere :\

@creatrixtiara glad to hear no one's pushing for CW.

As for those who cry "triggering", we can let them know that they are gaslighting and using their social power to invisibilize the marginalized experience. 'Cause that's total BS. I have no tolerance for that.

@UnaSpenser well just because no one's asked ME directly doesn't mean no one's pushing for it. People keep telling me "oh it's not anti-racism we want you to CW it's Trump/macro politics" but what I can't get a clear picture on is whether talking about your day-to-day experience that has some intersection with what Trump et al did needs to be CW'd too. It's not like they're completely separate.

@creatrixtiara requiring political posts be CW'd is not helpful to anyone but those whose lives can be lived comfortably without hearing about it.

The personal is political. So, as you say, it would require CW'ing everything to remain apolitical.

A lot of Trump-related stuff is just a blatant exposé of already existing forms of oppression. We all need to face it.

CW should always be an autonomous choice. People can be muted if a user takes issue with content.

@creatrixtiara I'm sorry I couldn't go into this more in the article, but TL;DR yes, yes, and yes. Here is a thread I made when this shit actually went down, if it helps:

The reason I focused on queer communities in my article is because I honestly didn't know where else to start. But what you are saying is a conversation that has needed to happen for some time.

@creatrixtiara nothing upsets white dudes than talk that questions their free ticket in life

@creatrixtiara there may be multiple cultures at play is all i can say. makes it hard..

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