So if everything lines up in the next few months, my 2019 will start with a MASSIVE new chapter in my life. A chapter I never thought I'd ever embark on, but which I'm weirdly excited about because of all the possibilities.

It's not career or arts-oriented, it's more a personal thing. No, I'm not getting married (though who knows with my life) and no I'm not leaving Melbourne (if anything it's the opposite of that).

I can't really say what it is yet because there's still a lot of pieces that need to fall in place and there's still a significant chance that it won't happen, at least not in this time frame. It's very complicated.

(If you can guess what it is AND you have some personal experience in the area, get in touch! Because I could use some advice!)


I'm posting this because I would appreciate some good vibes! My cherophobia makes it hard for me to be enthusiastic about anything because I feel like I'd either jinx it or it'll have some sort of weird catch attached. But y'all can hold the positivity for me, I think. And if this works out then I'll be able to share the positivity back.

So yes, whatever the good vibes are - prayers, spells, wishes in a well, whatever - send them my way thank you πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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People are already guessing and your guesses are HILARIOUS.

It is NOT any of the following:
- Gaming (why would this be a secret)
- Being a dominatrix (though I'm open to it)
- Being a sugar baby (ditto)
- Being a DJ (dude teach me)
- Running for office (not allowed :((( )
- Moving overseas (as I said, it's the opposite of that)

@creatrixtiara I hope it works out! ❀️❀️❀️

@creatrixtiara I shall hold happy anticipation and welcome the good news once it is more certain!

@creatrixtiara opposite of moving overseas........oh! of course, you've been invited to take part in a risky expedition to the centre of the earth!!

@paralithode yknow what, I probably wouldn't turn that down if offered

@creatrixtiara are you buying a house or opening a business or something? You sound like you're about to commit resources to putting down roots.

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