The whole situation just shows that "IT'S DECENTRALISED~~~" is not nearly enough to make a social network "safe" or "inclusive"

hell most of the time it's code for "we think about code more than we think about people, who cares about moderation, FREE SPEECH FOREVER oh also we're all white dudes surprise"

But I was harassed to hell my first DAY on Mastodon for about a week or so & Gargon thinks "DM Deray" = "Black Lives Matter activism" so *shrug*

also, and I've brought it up with the person this involves, but I am still owed some money for having helped with a moderation policy for a Mastodon instance last year to make it more "inclusive"

it's not that much money but it does make me question Attempt Eleventy Billion in Making Inclusive Spaces that seem to have marginalised people as more of an afterthought. Free intellectual labour!

@creatrixtiara I just emailed gargron about it, with a link, and my memory of it.

@creatrixtiara I kinda wish people would change that to "We think more about code than we think about people, so since we don't know much about people we should spend time talking to people with people skills"

@creatrixtiara If you mean Mastodon specifically, and I think you do, "it's decentralized" was never taunted as a reason it's safe or inclusive, except in the particular way that it gives communities the power to enforce moderation on a local level. Mastodon also comes bundled with a lot of tools like "block people I don't follow from interacting with me", granular privacy controls etc etc (now also: hiding who you follow / who follows you). People can still find ways to be shitty to each other

@creatrixtiara Lastly no, Gargron does not think that Deray = BLM, and never claimed that. Deray does important work with things like Project Zero, and his activism might have benefited from a self-hosted platform, and at the time he's already been inside my field of vision for years. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the people I was messaging about Mastodon were ones I'd been following & familiar with. I mentioned it in passing, as an example, and now you're misrepresenting that quite a bit

@creatrixtiara P.S. I DM'd you about the compensation issue which was just now brought up to me by my ex-PM.

@Gargron Mastodon is an example, and yes the decentralization was touted as a primary reason for it being "safer". People will indeed find ways to be shitty to each other and it's good that there's some consideration around that with the feature set but all of this just shows that thinking technology will solve your human problems is short-sighted.

@creatrixtiara I always thought moderation would solve the human problems in this space, and claimed as such. But that's in the hands of the communities that spring up, I can only work on & improve the tools for them.

@Gargron @creatrixtiara from my perspective it feels like this human-centred philosophy & the current masto approach to the dev process aren't fully alligned yet. To develop tools that help communities moderate surely the beginning of the design process must always be listening to the experiences+ideas of people+groups most at risk of harrassment—i.e w/most experience of how moderation (fails to)work? Otherwise we don't know if we're actually making safe, useful tools until too late

@paralithode @creatrixtiara Mostly this is how it works. For example just recently the report tools got a revamp thanks to input & feedback from Switter. There wasn't a massive amount of feedback about them so far though, in comparison to everything else, which might mean there's not a lot of friction on the technical side.

@Gargron @creatrixtiara I def. think it's vital & valuable for features to.evolve with feedback, but I mean more seeking & prioritising those voices Before coding begins on new features—e.g, imagine how a different potential trending hashtag debut could have gone if the voices of those who felt unsafe after the fact had been centred in designing it, rather than being left feeling vulnerable & having to confront a feature that looked just like one that had previously been used to victimize them

@Gargron @creatrixtiara this puts me in mind of universal design—there are fewer people in my cohort, the physically vulnerable, in public spaces, & we're harder to design for. But unless our needs are primary considerations we're unable to be safe in public. If spaces are designed for me as main user, able-bodied people are still fine & the 'kerb-cut effect' gives benefits to everyone. To design in a way that includes the vulnerable population in any space we have to listen to them at the start

(Maybe someone should hire this @paralithode person as a design consultant (and speaker of wise words.))

@Gargron @creatrixtiara

@katebowles @Tdorey it's very kind of you to say so, but there's so many people around the fediverse who've been more eloquent & have more experience around these issues than me...and there's a surfeit of white cismale voices already uplifted in mastodev as it is :>

@paralithode @katebowles Fair enough...Can I at least nominate you for the hiring committee?

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