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‪There really needs to be a version of Venmo or Square Cash that works in Australia.‬

‪Some banks are doing PayID but it's still cumbersome.‬

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(this is to say NOTHING of the fact that, psychologically, people *do not actually have perfect recall*, *and often struggle to remember short lists if they're not very human-memorization-oriented*, etc. which means YOU may have to interpret your code as if it's fresh a month, week, or day later. always assume you will not be the only person to touch your code, and always assume you could forget. psychology's rife with explanations about how flawed the human perception engine is. learn from it.)

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Welcome to Mastodon, new users! If you started on, I'd highly recommend jumping to a different instance once you get a feel for how this all works.

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It's a Friday night & I'm considering the materials & needs for a documentary I'm going to be shooting w the *AMAZING* @RebelleCunt !! Our film will be about the work she does with the most marginalized & erased voices within #sexwork.

We committed to making the best & most honest art we can. If you would like to support us during pre-production you can donate (w a note: prepoduction) to help us get on our way!! Thank you!!


Who runs Amaroq? Got a bug I wanna report.

despite turning notifications for boosts or favourites off they still show in my notifications, which gets messy fast esp since unlike Twitter they don't get grouped together. This works on the desktop instance, just not the iOS app.

explanation of post privacy levels for new folks!

public: visible to everyone, shows up in local timeline, federated timeline and any hashtags

unlisted: visible to everyone, does *not* appear in local timeline, federated timeline or tags

followers only: visible only to people who follow you, does not appear in local/federated/tags

direct: visible only to the people you @ in it, does not appear in local/federated/tags

But that also means this desperate struggling world needs space and design for respectful dialogue among strangers, for listening and working together to try to make a dent in things as they are. That part is missing still.

So, thinking. What is mastodon isn’t really designed for dialogue at all? What if the entanglements of its culture and design have made a large cooperative gallery of user-placed ideas and propositions, that can be liked and shared?

That would be enough.

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