Here is Marie Fuckin' Kueerdo at TAINT Cabaret sharing the Kueermari technique of getting your queer shit together.

CW: Sex toys get organised at one point.

Special thanks to Kivan Bay, Felipe Torres Medina and Points in Case for the inspiration!

(Not actually affiliated with Marie Kondo, KonMari, Netflix, or any of their associates. This is an affectionate parody.)

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Just restarted an account on FetLife for Secret Project 2019 (which is kink-adjacent). If you wanna add me DM me for my username.

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Why is it so hard to find a service sub for hire

I just want someone to take care of me and fuss over me and do things for me, but like sexily

A queer (and largely unedited) reading and reflection of Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:

Fanatic thread on Twitter by @creatrixtiara about #KonMari, the current storm on birdsite, and xenophobia.

Definitely worth a read.

Been so emotionally exhausted that I've declared a moment of reclusion and inability to take on emotional labour...

... And of course the day I declare that is EXACTLY the day the two most emotionally draining people are demanding something of me.

And I can't even vent because they follow me on my vent spaces!!

Hey everyone check out my Xbox gamerpic she's super adorable

(And add me! creatrixtiara as per always)

You start the day by finding out your finger guns are working like a normal gun.
#writingprompts #writing

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I have no idea what this could be a mood for but it's a MOOD

along with the exhortations to new folks to use content warnings, I would like to exhort masto veterans to be patient with new users, and to *please* include explanations of common abbreviations so the new folks can get a handle on them. examples:
pol = politics
uspol = US politics
mh = mental health
tf = transformation
+/- signs = positive or negative modifiers, so "uspol +" would refer to a story about US politics that is actually good (for a change).

feel free to reply to this with other common-ish examples if you can think of them!

In late 2016 I started making a proto-ARG/puzzle+storytelling project about a kind of alien cyber witch type talking about her adventures & sharing spells. It got derailed by the US election but sometimes I think about continuing work on it.

People are already guessing and your guesses are HILARIOUS.

It is NOT any of the following:
- Gaming (why would this be a secret)
- Being a dominatrix (though I'm open to it)
- Being a sugar baby (ditto)
- Being a DJ (dude teach me)
- Running for office (not allowed :((( )
- Moving overseas (as I said, it's the opposite of that)

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I've been asked to pitch/workshop a few interview ideas for people who are unusual in their field due to their demographic. Stuff like "the only person of colour in this highly homogenous company" or "the first non-binary person in X field".

Are you this person? Do you know of such a person? Who should I talk to?

I'm posting this because I would appreciate some good vibes! My cherophobia makes it hard for me to be enthusiastic about anything because I feel like I'd either jinx it or it'll have some sort of weird catch attached. But y'all can hold the positivity for me, I think. And if this works out then I'll be able to share the positivity back.

So yes, whatever the good vibes are - prayers, spells, wishes in a well, whatever - send them my way thank you 💓💓💓

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I can't really say what it is yet because there's still a lot of pieces that need to fall in place and there's still a significant chance that it won't happen, at least not in this time frame. It's very complicated.

(If you can guess what it is AND you have some personal experience in the area, get in touch! Because I could use some advice!)

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So if everything lines up in the next few months, my 2019 will start with a MASSIVE new chapter in my life. A chapter I never thought I'd ever embark on, but which I'm weirdly excited about because of all the possibilities.

It's not career or arts-oriented, it's more a personal thing. No, I'm not getting married (though who knows with my life) and no I'm not leaving Melbourne (if anything it's the opposite of that).

I got permission to ask about this so I was hoping for ideas. My friend explained what exactly sucks about a manual wheelchair, and how using it has made her not leave her house as much lately. she has solutions (PT, get a brace and service dog) but due to certain details I can't get into, she does not have the time nor spoons to pursue these things. for some reason she doesn't have a helper. I'm worried about her, so I want to give her ideas. Do you have any? #question #help #disability

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