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@Gargron @creatrixtiara from my perspective it feels like this human-centred philosophy & the current masto approach to the dev process aren't fully alligned yet. To develop tools that help communities moderate surely the beginning of the design process must always be listening to the experiences+ideas of people+groups most at risk of harrassment—i.e w/most experience of how moderation (fails to)work? Otherwise we don't know if we're actually making safe, useful tools until too late

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@hoodie That's the whole thing. The folks with the resources say they want to help, but when it comes down to it, the only projects that are supported are ones that align with what they think.

So in essence, they're just building more echo chambers instead pushing it forward.

It's a hard point, but that's just reality. And white dudes know it. They know they can get their ideas funded easier than everyone else and they rarely share that privilege.

The plan was to make PV4 federated for a single user, but after the events of the last week or so, I'm thinking hard about just opening it up the platform to everyone.

That's so much more work, but the need is apparent.

I do believe we are pushing forward in terms of social media improving, but most if not all of these efforts hit the wall at the white gaze.

The tech is the easy part. The problem is culture.

I think it's going to take building a culture of inclusivity around the tech needs. De-centralizing social media is a fantastic idea, but it seems de-centralizing the culture around social media needs to be a priority.

Diversity and inclusivity have to be baked in before a single line of code is written. Personal ideology can't dictate what needs are met vs those that are not.

Protecting people cannot be a tacked on feature.

@creatrixtiara I kinda wish people would change that to "We think more about code than we think about people, so since we don't know much about people we should spend time talking to people with people skills"

also, and I've brought it up with the person this involves, but I am still owed some money for having helped with a moderation policy for a Mastodon instance last year to make it more "inclusive"

it's not that much money but it does make me question Attempt Eleventy Billion in Making Inclusive Spaces that seem to have marginalised people as more of an afterthought. Free intellectual labour!

The whole situation just shows that "IT'S DECENTRALISED~~~" is not nearly enough to make a social network "safe" or "inclusive"

hell most of the time it's code for "we think about code more than we think about people, who cares about moderation, FREE SPEECH FOREVER oh also we're all white dudes surprise"

But I was harassed to hell my first DAY on Mastodon for about a week or so & Gargon thinks "DM Deray" = "Black Lives Matter activism" so *shrug*

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Hey gamedevs (digital, board, etc):

Have you worked on a game about magic? (Particularly stage magic but I’m flexible)

If so, would you be willing to donate a copy/Steam key/merch/etc for our fundraiser mid June?

Let me know!
(Please Boost!)

having a really horrible weekend (long story) but what's making it really harder is when you need something from someone and they can't give it to you, or when people end up doing things that fuck you around - and you can't just blow up at them because it will make things so much worse so now you have to spend all this energy taking care of their feelings regardless of your own

We really need a mashup DJ equivalent of Chopped

"DJs, open your box. Inside you will find:

The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on vinyl
The stems for Anaconda by Nicki Minaj
A cheese grater
...and a download code for the third volume of Homestuck music

The timer starts now."

One day I'll come across a Web service that lets you reject changes to their Ts&Cs and keep using it under the current one.

*puts on Daenerys Targaryen wig* And on that day the sun will rise in the West and set in the East. When the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind...

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In better news things are progressing rapidly on Queer Lady Magician! V3.5 of script, live workshopping, magic lessons, and a CONFIRMED VENUE AND DATES! Dun dun DUNNNNNN!

Thing That Frustrates Me Immensely: when people take a billion years to respond to you and then expect you to resolve some particular situation in a VERY TIGHT timeframe. A situation you could have resolved sooner if they didn't take so long to reply in the first place.

Maybe BE MORE TIMELY YOURSELF before you start demanding that of me?