well, the air is pretty much downright poisonous. that's nice. 2020 is the year that keeps on giving I guess.

wanted: mmorpg with aesthetic, world, and gameplay resembling that of Mabinogi, but not 15ish years old. 😶​

one of the ways my parents have coped with the whole lockdown thing was to buy a motion activated video camera for their back yard, so they could watch videos of the critters that come and go in the morning. apparently a family of raccoons have been showing up recently, so they left out a big tub of water and left it in front of the camera

ever since, every morning they've had videos of the raccoon family basically treating it like a swimming pool, lol.

this morning's feeling: grogginess incarnate :blobcattilt:

hullo, my name is Chel! I'm a scatterbrained bunny, freshly registered here in an attempt at being sociable and maybe even making a friend or two

my interests include games (digital and tabletop), movies, social anxiety, cooking, technology, cute shit, and an eclectic smattering of random music genres

I... come in peace? or something along those lines? I'm not good at these. 😅​

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